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Must-have shoes!!!

What's the big matter or shoes? I mean shoes can basically spice up your look! Or just enhance your look!
A perfect pair of shoes doesn't just come along with your outfit but it also brings out your personalities. But for a honest advice, don't judge a person by their shoes. That will be so rude and bad. I mean don't you ever forced to wear some sort of ugly shoes when you're young? I am so embarrassed by the fact that I need to wear the very childish shoes that my mum picked up for me when I was 12, I think. I would like some understanding back then (haha). You can't even imagine how old-fashion was that shoes to me when I was then. Yup, it sucks. Luckily, I don't need to wear shoes that my mums bought for me now. I will choose myself!

As a teen, I had been wanted to try a whole loads of heels. Testing out the right pair of shoes that fit me. For me, I like shoes that are comfortable. I won't buy a pair of shoes that are no comfy to me. Of course, I love, love beautiful shoes. A pair of heels or boots will be my favorite! A fun fact about me is that I am quite tall, so my friends don't like me to wear heels. I, myself feels that I am a giant when I wore one. I'll be the tallest girl in the mall even I wore an one inch platform. I want to clear up that I am not that tall, I am just higher that the average.

Enough of the story! Okay, let's get straight into the shoes heaven!
Most of my favorite pick had been featured at the older outfit of the day series (1, 2, 3, 4)! Be sure to check them out for more!
I will choose some shoes that  I like from dailylook, asos, forever21, choies, zara and urban outfitters!

This edgy series is by far my fav!
First of all, you will notice the black element ah-gain! Hey, don't judge me just because I chose black! I love black shoes as it won't get dirty so easily. Plus, black goes with anything, right? If you want some power in your look, add one of these! Ever wondering what shoes to wear with that dress or that clothes? Easy, pick up a black boots and you're good to go!
The first pair of the boots are Jeffrey Campbell Who's next platform ankle boots from urban outfitters. Love the cut out at the side and it goes will with the skinny jeans! Doesn't it looks like a spy kinda shoes? Maybe not XD.
Then, we have a pointed cut out flats from choies. I love the 'pointed' part of the shoes as I think it makes the whole outfit more 90's. I had noticed that the pointed shoes is back to the trend, so I chose them. Besides, I love the metal lock which is very detail and unique. 
Below the first picture, we have the gladiator-look-alike-buckled platform from forever21. I am guessing that no everyone like to put a knee high gladiator, so I chose this as alternatives! This is cool and function as a sandals, too! No worry of the boiling temperature at your feet!
Right underneath it is leather moccasin with chains from zara. Okay, when I first look at this, I know that this shoes will totally get a lot of wear. It is not a heel nor a flats. It gives you a little bit of height and a sense of classiness. I love the fact that it has chains since it adds a stronger feels to your look. 
At the right of it is this buckled cut out boots from choies. This is the one! You know the one you can wear anywhere! You dress it up or dress it down with this. It is awesome because of the rose gold buckle. 

These shoes is kinda fancy but I think it's so suitable for daily wear!
I suggest you to wear a dress, a midi skirt or a maxi skirt with them!
First stop, we got this pink wedges from asos. It's summer! And everybody need a wedges during summer! It is self'-explanatory!
Next, this pastel green leather lace up shoes from choies. I think color shoes is kinda hard to match. Anyway, I try to pick up a color shoes that I loved. This lovely green color totally shout summer in my face! And the pastel color make it very girly and chic. 
Beside of this lace up shoe, we got this MAFIA loafers from asos. I didn't realized that it is kinda similar with one of the type 2 style shoes. Maybe because I like it so much that I decided to choose another similar pair but in different color. I think is the color if this shoes that attract me. I like silvery color, so it is a no wonder I will chose this. 
Right underneath the green lace up shoes, we have this nice rose gold cut out platform. Yup, it's the color too! I seldom see a rose gold platform, so I chose it without any hestitation. 
Finally, the last stop, this leather platform from choies. I like the chunky platform. And I love the white although I think it will get dirty easily. A great care is much needed for this shoes.
Deal with Fam = deal with the familiar. 
What is a must-haves when you don't have the classic?
I guess I don't need to explain about the the black high top converse. So, I will skip it. 
We will start form the top, the white sandals from asos. It's summer and ain't nobody want their legs wrapped fully in their shoes, right? Right? Sandals+white=classy
Below of it, we have Julio leather caged flat sandals which again from asos. I don't know why it's 'Julio' but I am sure you can google it if you're wondering. I love the ankle strap and the neutral color of it. It will be nice to pair with floral prints!
Next stop, everyday buckled boots from forever21. I just love the straps that wrap up the lace up boots. It is not black, so I guess it is much more suitable for day wear. I will totally rock this with a boyfriend jeans. 
Lastly, T-strap Mary Jane from urban outfitters. This can creates a cute look and it is so girly. Flats, can be so much easier to walk compare to heels. Although some of you may recommend wearing heels the whole day but kindly give your feet some rest by wearing a flat. Plus, this is somewhat classic and stylish.

As I mentioned before, all of the items shown above can be found easily at dailylook, asos, forever21, choies, zara and urban outfitters. I am not sponsored or anything! :)
Hope you enjoy! Have a nice day!

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