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Why Are You So Skinny And Tall?

Okay, not going to lie or anything, I kinda steal this title from Zoella. If you don't know her yet,  she is a famous British beauty YouTuber. I mean her videos are good! I got inspired by her from her old video which had the same title of this blog post. That's the reason why I said I kinda steal this title from her.

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Do you ever wondering why someone can be so skinny and tall at the same time?
First of all, I had been categorized as the 'skinny' one ever since I could remember. I know it's not like a bad thing being skinny but the thing is people keep reminding me that I am so skinny and needed to put some weight on because they think that is not healthy. Sometimes, I am proud of my body but sometimes I am annoyed by it. In my opinion, skinny doesn't mean that you're unhealthy. As long as my body is functioning well, I will considered myself as a healthy person.

Of course, maybe you think that I overreacted on it since it is not a big deal. Yeah, it's not a big deal when I was skinny and short because people think that skinny+short = normal. However, when I hit puberty, and I grow taller, people start questioning about me. The short girl suddenly turns into a tall one. And trust me, I didn't get any surgery done with my legs. I just grow! They just didn't get that. I don't mean it's rude to ask questions like, "Why are you so tall?" "Why are you so skinny?". It's not rude, it's annoying. These questions have been the most frequent questions I received. Imagine that every friends you met asked you the exact same thing, how do you feel? Proud? Happy? Angry? Nah, I feel annoyed. Sometimes, I tend to come up with a creative answer. For example,
"Why are you so skinny and tall?"
"It's because I went to korea for some leg surgery to make it longer, it's quite cheap, do you want to go? I can give you some recommendations."
Yup, that's how I really answered them. They knew I am messing around with them but still I think they preferred this answer a little more. 

"Does your mum or your dad are tall and skinny too?"
"My mum does, my dad doesn't"
"I get it! You're tall because of your mum is tall and skinny!"

My friends like to said it's because of genetic. But I mean, everything can be the factors. What you eat, how is your body system works and how often you exercises are some other factors. If you keep eating and don't exercise at all, you might just get larger and larger. That's a cruel truth but you need to accept it. The thing is that answering those questions is like asking why my I had two hands and two eyes. People don't ask those questions because they get used to it. In other words, it's normal to have two eyes and two hands, so it's a no brainer people will asked these questions. Don't get me wrong, I am not here to show off my so called perfect height, but I am here to discuss with you what I feel about it.

Now, imagine someone asked you why do you have two eyes, what will be your answer? I will probably ask them to ask the god. Because I was born like that. The same thing goes to why I am so tall. I can't control my body to grow taller, and if you ask me how I get taller and taller, I will said that I hit my puberty. I mean I don't have any secrets to grow so tall. Yeah, some said that you will get taller if you play basketball but I didn't. I guess I might grow even taller if I played it(haha). The truth is that I am once a short girl, so I know the feelings of being a short and a tall girl. People like to make fun of my height when I was short but let me tell ya, people still make fun of you even you're taller than them. It's a same difference.

Being tall and skinny as a girl always make people asked me to become a model. And what people can really talks about me is about my body shape. If you asked me to chose my height, I will probably chose my height now(taller than the average). A fun fact I want to share is that, when I was short, I got a good reason to squish into the first row to see some performances. But when I was taller, I don't get the reason to watch the show at the front however I am already tall enough to see it from the back. Both of them have their benefits and weaknesses. 

Let's continue to the skinny part. How I feel about skinny? I mean it's normal and many people around you are skinny. I don't mean you're unusual if you not the skinny type. Occasionally, skinny people had a lot of problems too. Because I am too skinny when I was 13 or 14 years old, I could not find jeans or any other pants that fit me. I need to buy from kids section and even more embarrassing is that the jeans had the label 'kids' there. Yup, I had been wearing those kids jeans until I am good enough to buy from regular adult section(a big high-five if you know how I felt). A teenager standing at kids section to pick up some pants, hmm so awkward. I don't even allowed to go on the roller coaster because I was too short and too thin. Maybe you think it's normal, but I don't.  As good as you think a skinny and tall people's life could be, there's still something good you can found in your's. A tall height can give advantages and also disadvantages. But never underestimate of what you can do in you life. Don't live in others words, live the way you like. 
"It's not who we are that hold us back; it's who we think we are not" - Michael Nolan.
You can get slim or put on weights if you want. Trust yourself. 

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