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How to make friends online

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I want to make friends online mainly because I am tired. I am tired of observing my friends whether he/she is in mood to chat. I am tired of the limited chat time we have. I am tired of the restricted topics that we can chat with our friends. I want more friends. I wanted friends from all around the world! Do you feel the same, too? I mean, I feel cool if I have friends all around the world! Isn't it sound fun already?

Firstly, I am not people who are antisocial but I love talking with my friends. The things are sometimes you want something new. I personally enjoy making new friends in real life but still you won't open up and start chatting anything you want we he/she right? Maybe you do, but not me.

"Is this safe, making friends online thingy?"
"Can I make real friends?"
"Is it easy?"

Yes, yes and yes! But you must be safe with yourself first. Don't get into sensitive issues, then you will be alright! Don't explore your personal information too much and be smart and mature!

You can find a lot of sites and apps to start finding. And make sure to read the reviews on it. Find sites that have a lot of active members throughout the world to increase the rate of meeting new people. It isn't easy at the beginning as you might not get any friends. But if you're keep sending message to people, the chance is they will reply you. The more you send, the more replies you'll get. It's fascinating that there are a lot of people out there waiting for you to talk with them.



My first online-making-friends site. This is good as it has nice people. You can set up a profile and share your images. You can tell people who you are looking, for instance, I want friends who is funny and interesting. I had met a pervert but only once. People there don't reply to simple 'hi' message. You can message to them like this:
Hi! I am XXX from XXX. I want to make friends all around the world! I am like that boy band you mentioned in your profile! Do you like the XXX boy band, too? I really love that! 
You can send the similarities you have with that people. Ask her a questions, so he/she will have a reason to reply you. I normally ask them about their hobby and interest and talk about that. Put a profile picture as this will more people to talk with you. Be sure to be nice and everything will come later. I stop using this because I tend to spend too much times on this. It's like pen pals without waiting. And it's exciting when you see your inbox keep popping out new messages. Plus, it's free! What do you expect more?

Friends Talk
This is an app! Super easy to use!You add friends if you want to after chatting with he/she! I find a lot of real friends that will keep in contract with you. Normally, people will just disappear after few chats but not this! There are really nice and friendly people there! You can put your profile picture here and there are a lot of members in this site and you can find someone to chat with you easily. You must remember, when you're judging people, people judge you, too. Don't be sad if they didn't reply, just try another one. You can find someone that have same interest with you without an ease! I really recommend this as I didn't found any pervert here! It can't send pictures at the chat but overall it works fine! And high reviews for this app!


This is the latest app that I tried out. After using, the above two, I am tired of people judge you by the profile picture. If you look good, you get a lot of attention and people persuade you. If you're not good-looking, people tends to not reply your messages. That's the reality in the world we're living. This app is completely random and for the people who just want a chat. Not really a friend but someone just wanted to chat. You can leave the conversations if you're done with that people or if you don't like that people. Also, people can leave their conversations with you! You will meet a lot of racist there and of course I don't really mind it since I do the same too. This app is very real. You don't need a profile picture and really you just filled out the very basic information! You can change your name as many times as you want, to protect your identity. You can chat with people who chose the same #hashtag! They share expiring photo. The photo will expire in a few seconds and people can only see the photo in that amount of times. This app is only suitable for those who wanted some random chat! This app has high reviews, too.

Above are my reviews of these websites and apps. I gain more knowledge and understand more cultures from other countries. It's fun and interesting. Be careful when you're trying them out. Be friendly. Don't trust people easily. Overall, it's a good experience for me to explore the world. Life is all about changing. You can change the way you make a friends and you might find something useful for you! Give it a try and perhaps you find your soul mates! Have a nice day!

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