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Road Trip or Not? + Essentials for Road Trip

FYI, I am just back from a road trip!!!!
I am in a blast in the road trip! I must admit that things had became more fun when you're with friends!
A big shout-out for L Xin(my friend!), if you're reading this!

I am currently feeling lonely after the trip but I do really enjoy it, if you're deciding whether to go for a road trip or not, I am here to help you!

Road Trip or Not?

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My Opinion for Road Trip!

First of all, road trip sounds a bit of time consuming but it is the most convenient and cheaper way to go some way! I bet everyone had been a road trip before with your family when we were young, right? But now we're in a  'going-to-be-adult-teenage-kids’ phrase where we want to be independent and free from our family pressure. Yes, of course we wanted to stay with our family and go a road trip with them however sometimes we wanted something different which is going with our besties!
"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones who worth suffering for." - Bob Marley
You will be understand your mates more and literally be more closer with them. Now, my word 'closer' does not mean you guys will be sticking at each other at everywhere! I didn't mean that you can't be together everywhere but still give some space to your friends! Don't start an argument over small things as in don't sweat the small stuff! You will never want your trip to be imperfect because your friends are hating each other and being mean with you! Be nice and tolerate! I know that there will be times you just accidentally slip out words that you didn't mean to say to your friends, so what I recommend you to do is say sorry to them! No matter how small the impact will be to your friends or you think that it might be nothing to your friends! I learnt to be appreciate what my friends do for me during the whole road trip! I see the kind side of them! Obviously, there will be the unwanted side of them that they don't want to share with the others. You need to be clear of that, don't simply jokes around what they don't wanna to share. How do I know what not to share when I am not her? It's easy, think in his/her shoes, will you be happy if you're she to listen what you're going to share to the others? Be the thoughtful friends!

Of course, if you're in a one day trip, you won't be thinking of sleeping in your trip but if you're in a two days one night or three days two night trips where you need to sleepover in some hotel or hostel, you need to sleep, girl! Don't be a fool, saying that you will be alright at the next morning and you don't need any sleep! Yet, the truth is you will be extremely sleepy and don't have much energy tomorrow. If you're suffered in insomnia, then you should just close your eyes and get some rest. Planning to have a party instead of sleeping? Clearly, it's your choice. If you're asking for my recommendations, I will say yes!
"But, you just said don't!!!"
Play for a couple of hours and sleep for at least four hours. You might get tired after few games and chats. Everyone's energy will be finished completely at certain points where everyone is bored and don't want to play! Now, go to the bed and sleep to restore the energy! Don't try to be smart and keep on partying the whole night round! You will regret the next day!

To be honest, I love the times when you have the chance to talk with your friends. I mean to really talk with them. Sharing your secrets and playing with them. Eating with your friends during a road trip will be the biggest challenge. You want everyone to be full nonetheless too full. Find reviews and places to eat before the road trip is important. You don't want to spend your precious times merely to find the perfect restaurant at the perfect price range. "Why want to eat in restaurants when you have snacks and junk foods?" Dear fellow teenager, snacks and junk foods can be too dry and do not give you much nutrients that you need for a day. You want to be healthy and fit.

If you're in a school trip like me, you don't need to panic about the activities to do. However, if you're planning yourself, be sure to check out the reviews of places and be sure about the hotels you're going if they're available. Get all the information about where you're going and plan the clothes that are suitable for the locations you're going. Have backup plans to avoid something happens during the trips. For example, rains!

Essentials for the Road Trip

  • Water 

Bring your own water! Buying mineral waters can be extra expensive and you don't want to waste your money just for some water. Think before you drink water. Why? Washroom or toilet can be hard to find a the middle of the roads, so yeah go to pee when you're at places which provide toilet. This is pretty random but important,too.

  • Shoes 
Wear something that is comfortable and nice to walk in to. Your legs will be super tired after a long day. Treat them nicely by choosing some nice shoes! Wear a ballet flats if you want to look stylish and comfortable at the same times. A converse can be a good options,too. I prefer boots instead of heels since it won't hurts your legs when you're walking for a long period.

  • Camera
Takes cool pictures with your friends for memories. My friends like to vlog everywhere. Vlogging can be easy and you can really see the whole thing(sounds, movements,facial expressions) by seeing the videos! Don't be camera shy when you're in a trip, taking pictures is part of the fun!
  • Charger
What is the used of cell phones and cameras when they're not charged? I always forgot them and believe me it's a pain in the ass when you forgot them! Portable Battery Charger/ Power Bank will be a life saver and you can bring them everywhere in anytime! It works wonder!
  •  Sanitary Products 
Everyone knows this. Clean yourself and be fresh. Don't be lazy and skip to bath. For girl, bring sanitary pads or tampons in your bag! You will never know if it will be that time of the months! Get prepare! And you won't be panic if it comes suddenly!  

Of course, there will be more essentials! These are just some I think you might need to pay more attention with! Have a nice day! 

DISCLAIMER: This is created by me. I am not sponsored by anyone.

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