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How to wear denim( H&M style)

Well, it's not like it's hard to wear a denim. You can find denim clothing piece at everywhere. You can throw on a basic t-shirt and rock the simpleness of the outfit. It go with everything. You can't go wrong with denim. Whether you think it's easy to style or not, I am here to add some coolness into what you normally wear for denim! Besides, you can find denim in everyone closet, so it's not need for you to buy one.

I totally love my old jeans. After so many wore, it's became so me! The color of it became lighter and of course became tighter as I grow. I hate to admit the fact that I am bigger but at least I am healthy, right? Positive thinking is what we need nowadays. If you keep comparing yourself to other people, you'll never find happiness in your life. As the saying goes, "There will always be someone better than you". Thus, what you can do are focus to be yourself and make the best out of it. It doesn't matter what other think of you, it doesn't matter what they said to you, it's you, you are the central point of your life, not them. Be true with yourself and let the inner you shine!

As you can see, I pick a lot of black. The first outfit is this denim overall for day! This dungaree is kinda worn out and really 90's. I put a patterned top(sea shell patterned) to give a beach-y feel. This ankle platform sandals are great as it has a small cut out at the front and back. I will totally rock this style by unpin one of the shoulder strap at the overall. The another outfit is more like a night-out wear. Didn't spot anything denim? The bike jacket which is denim is really well-made and normally they're made of leather. That's why this is so unique! You'll get loads of wear from this jacket and trust me, everyone can wear this! Underneath the boyish jacket, I got a nice high-neck jersey dress. It's light and comfortable to wear! I chose another platform sandals to make it more casual. For the bag, this shoulder bag which has a sudden hint of gold and very detailing is suitable for both outfit!

How to wear mum jeans? How to wear boyfriend jeans? How to wear them the most simplest way?
Yup, here come the most easy way to wear them!  And the skinny jeans at h&m are in crazy sale!!!
The answer will be button-up! A nice button-up will last you forever! You can wear them to school, to work, and to play! Tuck your button-up in your jeans and put on a chunky belt to seal  your look. Add on a gold choker-looking-rigid-necklace to spice up your look! This chelsea boots are just so easy to slide in and take off. Plus, isn't it pretty?

This is for those girls whose want to look more mature and edgy! What I mean mature here is that you want people to respect you. You want them to look at you as a grown up! Of course, we're still teen, right? I add some color in it to make more fun. Black elements are needed to make the outfit more formal, so I put on a black blazer and a more  intricate heels for the power look I wanted. To keep it casual and friendly, I pick a brown shopper bag. And how can we forget our main character in this outfit? The sleeveless denim dress. This dress shown your neck and a little skin underneath your neck which I think is gorgeous! That's the reason why I didn't choose a necklace for this.

All the items and pictures shown above are from H&M. You can buy them at their site. I choose all the products from H&M because it will be easier to find. This is not sponsored by H&M.

Have a nice day!

Eunice :)
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