Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to be happy?

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Are you feeling down? Did you ever feel like you live alone although you are physically not alone?
We all have the 'phase' of life before, the 'dark phase'. 

Sometimes, even you open your eyes you can feel your heart is hurting and falling apart. No one deserve to feel like that. And you, who reading this now, deserve to be happy! But, the question remained. How? How to be happy when we are dealing with our pain inside? 

I have to admit, I am not a very strong person and I am not a professional in this field. I have troubles to be happy, too. I will also wish to be a kid again where all my trouble is to fall asleep. We grow both mentally and physically, turning into a more mature human being which we called 'adult'. I still remembered the desire of me wanted to be an adult so badly because all the beautiful shoes are made for the adults(since they have the money and also the power to control a kid like us). I like to think as being adult is the most fun thing to do. You can drive anywhere, buy stuffs you like, it's just the coolness and the power that attracts me

However, as I am growing(I am still growing), I don't think it's a good idea to be an adult. I finally realized that being a 'elder' person, doesn't mean you have more power, it simply means you have more responsibilities which I called it as stone you need to carry. As time passed by, more and more stone will be stack up and you will be struggling to carry them. Even though, I am only a teenager, I can feel it. Now, I think the adults are all very strong souls. Until now you don't understand, yet I know you can connect with what I wrote here.

So, after the long reading, I will now share what I do to feel happy! I can't tell you the exact way to feel happy but to share with you about my personal experiences that I learnt from everyone around me and from the books I read.

I know it's hard to be happy sometimes since no everyone can control their emotions perfectly. Sometimes, I just love to let it go. Let the feeling goes away, by expressing them. How I like to express them is by writing. I write all the bad and at the same times the good things. After I write down all the negative part, I will try as much as I can to write something positive. Something that I am grateful for, something that make me laugh that day. Or maybe an inspiring quotes. Now, when you are sad and you wanted to cry, don't hold the tears. Just let them flow out. This will definitely makes you feel better. 

Some good old methods will ask you to do something that you enjoy doing, for me, is watching youtube and reading books. It totally works! I mean something doing what you love, can be very inconvenient. So, I suggest breathing. Yes, a simple action like breathing can slow down everything inside you. Remember, take a few deep breathes to calm yourself down. Also, you may find that not very useful sometimes, but breathing can really make you feel less exhausted. 

Keep a journal. Okay, it might seems keeping a journal has nothing to do with being happy, even so it does! I love reading my old diary. This is mainly because I find that the 'old me' is very funny, smart, foolish and stubborn. I always has the 'What I am grateful for today' in my journal and I can invariably find a smile in my face unfailingly when I read it.

Enjoy those small moments in life that melt you heart. Do you ever just stop and watch the masterpiece of the nature, the sky? Do you ever notice how beautiful and breathtaking are the sunrise and sunset? Do you cherish the moment before? The moment when you see your dog yawning and stretching it's back. The shadow of your mum cooking for you and the moment when a baby hold your finger with their tiny little fingers. I always smile when I saw a cute little baby. Simple things like this can make me really enjoy my day! I will be happy even my favorite singer or youtuber upload a new video. Click here to read a old blog post of me sharing some youtube channel that make me laugh!

Take a shower or a bath. A warm and nice bath is my personal favorite. Everyone knows that we tend to think a lot during shower time. The steam of the lukewarm water always calm me down. When I am in a huge problem, I like to have a cold water shower, to wake me and my soul up. 

Being with friends will absolutely cheer you up! Believe it or not, when you are around with your friends, you will have a better mood. And lastly, happiness is from your heart. If you decide to be happy, you will. No one can really help you to be happy, if you don't want to. It's the matter of your mind. Just don't let the pain you are feeling now to take over you. 
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