Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is YouTube for me and YouTuber that I love

For me, a normal teenage girl, I love fashion.
But really, I am not that into fashion because not everyone have that much of money to buy something that they desire for.
I am a sucker for YouTube. Or should I called myself a YouTube addict.
I enjoy watching YouTube videos and love stalking to those YouTuber that I think they're so CLEVER and FUNNY.

YouTube videos always make my day much more fuller and it's like another world for me but unfortunately YouTube activities such as YouTube Fan Fair does not take place in my country.
Ah... I wish all my favorite YouTubers can come to my country and do a meet and greet here.

If you a girl like me and you're totally into fashion, then clothesencounter, evelina and bethany mota are the one you can choose to watch.

If you want some beauty advice you can always watch missglamorazzi(my fav), bubzbeauty, michelle phan, stilababe09, zoella and eleventhgorgeous.

Have a bad day? Need something that's fun to watch? I would recommend pewdiepie and nigahiga. Their videos always make me laugh like a fool. Laughing is a way to escape the pains in life for a while. I really somehow appreciate their works. Putting so much thought on a video and just share their happiness with us, their viewer.

Even you're just bored and wanted something cute to fill your time, you can watch some vlogs or just listen to some songs in YouTube.
Vlog: bubzvlog
Music channels: kurthugoschneider and boyceavenue.

And of course there are a lot of people ask me why I love YouTube so much that I needed to watch it everyday but really I don't need to watch it, I enjoy watching it.
I watch because I can learn more things and a country from a YouTuber. I can learn something that I am too shy to ask, I can learn something from a YouTuber's life and experiences and finally I can improve myself to what I wanted to be in  my future.
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