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Outfit of the day + outfit ideas part 2

Outfit 2 (Dailylook Style)

Hello there,
Okay, this outfit is not necessary for summer wear but you can totally rock them on summer!
This time, I make some recreations from
This website is very big and it is pretty hard to choose as you can't really try it. I must said that I like dailylook because they have multiple photos for the products and have ways to style it.

pictures from
This white color dress is on sale! So, I think it is best to choose this.

You can really do a lot if things with basic white dress. You can wear them all year. This dress has cut out at the shoulder which make it summer-suitable! I didn't not put something over it because I think it can stand up itself. But you prefer something on it, you can go for kimono, leather jacket and cardigan

For the edgy look, 
I choose a hand clutch, it has a strap as well. Clutch is a good investment since it can be used in multiple outfits especially if you choose the black one. For me, black goes with anything!.
To add a pop of color, I think a statement necklace is a must! This statement necklace will make your whole look more interesting and cheerful. In my opinion, statement necklaces also can go with normal plain color t-shirt. 
The buckled gladiator will looks nice on your feet and matches perfectly with this dress. This gladiator didn't go all the way up to your knee so, it is much more suitable for daily styling. Likewise, it works as a sandals too!

For the everyday look,
I absolutely adore the bracelet because the color is neutral, so it is easy to style. Plus, it gives you the Bohemian feels!
Again, a pop of color on the accessories! If you're wearing a black or white outfit, here's a tips for you!
Just add something that catches and attracts attention, just like bright neon colors. You can go black and white with your whole outfits and put a bright red lipstick! That's how it works! Yes, that simple!
The bag is big and you can put everything in there. It will be handy if you're a student or worker :)
You can fit in your file and iPad that couldn't fit in a small purse.
As I said, neutral goes with anything, that's the reason why I choose this heels! I really love the ankle strap that make your feet look smaller and skinnier.

All of the about product can be easily find at

Find outfit 1(asos style) here.

There will be Outfit 3 and 4! Please leave a comment! Have a nice day!

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