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Ultimate Skincare Guide for Teenager + My Skincare Routine

Teenage Skin? How?
First thing first, you must know how to clean your skin. I have reviews about few facial cleansers, feel free to check it out facial cleanser reviews. If you wear makeup, make sure you wash them off completely with either a cleansing oil or makeup remover wipes. I recommend cleansing oil because it honestly cleanse all the waterproof makeup and leave your face fresh. Tips: wash your face with lukewarm to cold water to minimize your pores and pad your face until it dries with a clean towel or tissue.

Then, second step is to use a toner. Is it necessary, using a toner? Yes! It helps you to exfoliate your skin's dead cells and remove dirt on your skin! Use a cotton wipes to apply this. For me, I use Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray  instead of a regular toner. If you can't find it, I also suggest bio-essence miracle bio water! Both of them are my favorites to use! They are both spray, so it is faster and much easier. Pad it on your face and you're done! I can see my face brighter after using them! Do I have any recommendations for regular toner? To be complete honest, you can see I hardly buy any of the regular toner because I think the spray is more efficient and they work fine. Clean & Clear's toner sucks, hated it. Simple's toner makes my skin produces a lot of oil. But, many people do like it.

Next, we have sunscreen here! As a teenager, I don't really know what is the importance of sunscreen until I came across to few articles of it. If you want your skin to remain young and slow down the aging process, you probably want to start using it now! Plus, they prevent you from skin cancer that caused by UV rays! Even a baby is suggested to use one. What are you waiting for? In the market, you can find loads of sunscreen but not everyone works. Let me tell you how to find one! Don't buy those sunblock that is suitable for your body to apply it on your face. Buy the one which says for your face. I am currently using Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 50+. Love it because it won't leave my skin looking white. I don't like sunscreen that leaves your whitens your skin because sometimes you put it on and you didn't blend it nicely, you will end up with some awkward white patches all over your face. Trust me, I had been there.

And last but not least, you guess it, moisturizer! Everyone know this is important but do you add them as your daily routine? Hey, if you don't know already, our body is made up of 70% water! Can you imagine your skin without the presence of water? Maybe you can, but I can't.
The thing you need to aware is that don't choose something that contains alcohol. As I said, alcohol dries up your skin. We don't really need moisturizer which is anti-aging since our skin are still young and you don't wanna the firming and stretching feelings on your face, right? You want your face to be hydrated. If you have oily skin type, use a lighter moisturizer. Use a heavier moisturizer if you're a dry skin type. Buy moisturizer that suitable for you. Test and try, test and try until you find one. Some moisturizer like mine, have SPF in it which is awesome but it will not be suitable for nighttime use. There is not need to buy moisturizer that is pricey and famous. High-end products may not work for your skin. But moisturizer that hydrates your skin. Teenager skin just only need hydration and cleansing.

*If you have acne problems, I highly recommend you to see a dermatologist. The price will be definitely worth for your skin's future.

Eye cream for teenager?
You can use it but it is design for adult or more mature skin. For teenager who normally wear eye makeup, you should use an eyecream to really rewards your eyes and give them a little spa.

What about face mask?
Once in a week is enough if you want. Don't use it often except the product is written there that it can be used daily. If not, don't! Masks are usually stronger and more intense, so it is a waste of money and it will hurt your skin if you use them everyday. I suggest you to used clay mask cause it is good for deep cleansing, use it once in awhile.

Serums/ Essence?
Most of them are expensive but you can use them as well.

Hope it helps! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!

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