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Top 10 Beauty Guru in YouTube

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"Hey, your mum is pretty!"
"Aw...thanks! I will tell her you said so!"
"I guess you look like your father then"
Above conversation is between my friend and I. It takes me few hours to realize what it really means. Pretty mean, right?

Beauty is a beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular.

For me, beauty isn't all about what we look like physically but also how we think and act. Inner beauty lasts the most in people's mind. What we appear not necessary represent who we are. Don't judge a people simply because of how he/she looks like. Be kind and understanding. You will be the prettiest just by a simple smile! Don't save your smile, use them wisely!

Top 10 Beauty Gurus That is Worth Watching in YouTube!
(this is not a rank or something, I arranged it randomly)

No.1 Michelle Phan

You don't know her? Hello? Everyone know her!
Everyone who is familiar with beauty communities in YouTube should know her! Well, she is very passionate and creative. The first thing you will notice if you watch any of her videos are the quality of them. The videos quality and the editing skill are wonderful and professional. In YouTube,  you don't like to watch blur videos. Besides, the background music of her videos are surprisingly relaxing and her voice is very loud and she speaks clearly. Her makeup tutorials are veritably useful and you can find any makeup look that you want to create at her channel! She owns a makeup line em cosmetics which is awesome! She have a  website that updated everyday! And she and her boyfriend, Dom are so cute and meant to be together!

No.2 Missglamorazzi

a.k.a known as Ingrid! Sunny and happy girl! She will send you into a good mood whenever you watched her videos. You can find monthly favorites, get ready with me  series, how to cook and DIY in her channel! I love the way she speaks that makes her different from others YouTuber. Wanna win something? She always has giveaways in her videos which are awesome because the products she used not necessary can be found in other countries! Her sit-down-and-talk videos are my fav! I usually hate people talks a lot in their videos but hers never made me felt the same way! Her style is great and she always link the products mentioned in the description box(make it whole lot easier to find them!). 

No.3 Bethany Mota

Teen girl!!! We always love to see someone at our age range, right? Here she is!
Originally known as Macbarbie07. She is beautiful and gorgeous. Plus, she has a great taste in fashion. Before I forget, she launched her very own clothing line in Aeropostale! Love her designs! Her videos are very approachable and related to a teenage life. It's extraordinary to know that a teenage girl like all of us has the chance to design clothes and sell them! I heart her videos' bloopers! They reminded me that I am not the only one who do weird things in my own bedroom. Beth always has the right and best ideas to make any events interesting. Her guides are suitable for all teenage girl! Watching her videos, is like watching a life of a teen. Do you always wonder what others people do when they're at home? I do and you can see what she does in her videos! Enjoy!

No.4 Clothesencounter


Jenn always inspired me with her lookbook videos! Her outfit ideas are by far the best I could find! 
Have problems spending too much time to find the perfect outfit in your closet? Stop that already! Here I give you the best solutions! Her outfit ideas usually fulfill me and really open up my eyes how a basic thing can be style in so many ways yet still remain it's uniqueness. You must watch it yourself to really experience it. But the thing is, you might get jealous by the thing she wears and the way she style it. Finding a fashion doctor? Hey, tweet her your problem and she will answer you in her videos! 

No. 5 Cute Girl Hairstyles

It's a family videos type of thing?
Nope, darling, they just work as a family!

Wow! You'll never know how many hairstyles you can do with your hair until you watch this. I am a little bit angry that my mum couldn't do what Mindy do to her daughters' hair! You know what? I'll do myself!
They teach very simple step-by-step tutorials that you can learn again if you forgot how to do them. I mean you want to look good in certain vacations, right? And changing your hairstyles can  totally change your overall appearances. No matter your hair is long, short, curly, straight or 'undefined', you will definitely find a way to make it better and good-looking in their channels. Now, I am obsessed to braid my hair everyday to school just to show my friends that I have 'skills'! Ha! if you wanna do the same thing, check them out!
"Ain't nobody got time to braid your hair everyday!". Calm down, girl! They do have videos for fast and running-late-for-school hairstyles!

No.6 Cutepolish

If you're a nail polish addict and wanted to learn more nail art design, them check them out! Marvelous ideas to work on your nails! You want your hands to look great too, okay? What if your boyfriend, wanted to hold your hand? Or you want to make your friends jealous of your nails? Hey, she got your back!
"They're a bunch of nail art design I could find at pinterest why want to waste my time to watch this?"
Reasons to watch this: 1. easy to learn (you don't really get to see the techniques to paint the nails on                                                            pinterest)
                                   2. multi choices and designs
                                   3. tools and products can be found easily(she used toothpick)
                                   4. videos with high quality
                                   5. straight to the point (some people talk a lot before they teach you to paint their                                                       nails)

No.7 Stilababe09

Meredith, the classy and sassy youtuber! You like Bethany's videos? Then you will like hers too! She is very active as a teenager. I am so excited for her as she is going to college! Her monthly favorites/must-haves are a must-watch! Want to look good in your bikini? She has the workout tips for you! Want to see any hauls? She got it! She creates multiple looks for a specific event or seasons! Yup, she is a mixture of everything!

No.8 Tanya Burr

Tanya is a British makeup pundit! Ever wondering how to get those celebrities makeup look? Tanya had done a splendid job to recreate those celebrities look! She applies makeup skillfully and really explain what the products she is using. As you can see from the image above, she is gorgeous and beautiful! She had just started her makeup line this year and she had 2 million subscribers already! Plus, she vlog, too! Vlog is lifestyle videos. Her makeup is always flawless and I love her skincare routine, too.

No.9 Evelina

Evelina is a fashion guru and blogger! Her website has more information about her current style and describe every clothing piece she chose in details. Her YouTube channel mostly contains of fashion tips and haul. The way she films her videos are just wow! It's like a mini movie about fashion! I enjoy watching the evelina fashion cafe where she talks about fashion. It is really good to have someone to share their experiences with you! She is always style differently, so don't expect her to wear the same style over and over again!
"I also live, dream and breath fashion. I am an aspiring fashion editor and designer and my goal is to bring positivity and soul into the fashion world." said Evelina.

 No.10 Tati

I just found her recently and to my surprise she uploads video everyday! I mean if you're an active subscriber to YouTube, you'll want to watch videos everyday! But, do you think all YouTubers do that? Nope! She has beauty tips and  advice everyday! How did she manage to do that? She is extraordinary! She makes a lot of drugstore reviews which I love since drugstore products are a lot cheaper. You got to know how to  pamper head to toes in her channel! Amazing, huh?

YouTube again?
I am sorry if that disappoint you still I want to write this.
YouTube has been a part of me since several years, ago. I learn most of my beauty knowledge at there, so I highly recommend you to watch them.
 P/S: This is only my own opinions! Have a nice day!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by anyone. This is create by me. Photos are from 

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit of the day + outfit ideas (forever 21 style)

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Outfit 4 (Forever21 Style)

What are you going to do on summer?

Do you have plans already?

Do you think of hanging out with friends? Or going to the beach?

Forever 21 is everywhere and easy to find! I get so excited just by looking at these clothes on their site(You can see that from how many exclamation marks I used in this post XD)!  Everything there are just perfection! Words can hardly describe my feelings. I want to own all if them and I am not even kidding.

pictures from

This look is so 'appropriate' for summer! And beach!
The swimsuit is white, crochet and high-neck which you can see at everywhere for the high-neck trend. These elements make it stand out of the other bikinis. The white color is able to make your tanned skin appears darker. People always put like a cardigan/ kimino on a bathing suit. Seeing that this swimsuit has nice top, why not show it off? Add a maxi skirt as a cover on. This sheer southwestern print maxi skirt makes this whole outfit suitable for either at beach or go shopping at the mall, just put on a pair of white lace up boots and you will be good to go. Of course, when you're at the beach, no shoes is needed. Enhance your appearance with a sunglasses to protect your precious eyeballs!

pictures from
Want to hang out with friends?
I am in a black and white color mood when I am picking up clothes for this casual nonetheless well-dressed. This white tops go flawlessly with this grey tie dye skirt. A  mini black fedora hat to augment this classy style. The hint of gold from the mini shoulder bag and the ankle strap heels as the highlights of the look. For this look, I don't want to have jewelry because I want the gold color to pop in this quite look. The tie dye skirt is to add more life to this outfit as there are only black, white and gold. I absolutely love this shoes because I think it is so unique and very chic to wear on. The mini sized of the bag just add some cuteness while providing space for you to only bring  essentials in it. Don't try to overpack stuff in your bag since you're going to carry it everywhere and you don't want to feel the pain from your shoulder when you're having fun.

pictures from

I match a trendy sleeveless black crochet crop top and the printed harem pants to create a simple yet somewhat presentable outfit. I had noticed that I don't really cooperate long trousers in my 'outfit of the day' series, so this will be it. Some people might think that printed clothing is out of their comfort zone however it is easy to style with if you give it a try! For the accessories, I choose a hat with flowers on it or a colorful bracelet. Isn't them sound summer-y? Ah... forever 21 shoes are the best! The black cut out boots is a must-haves if you're thinking to invest in a good quality of boots. If you want to keep things down, try a nude or pinkish sandals. You can add rings and midi rings of your choice to enrich your look!

All of the clothing items mentioned above are from forever21. You can get them at their stores, too.

Find Outfit 1(asos style)here, Outfit 2(dailylook style)here and Outfit 3(topshop style)here.

This is the end of my ootd series, hope you guys have find some inspirations and have a nice day!

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Outfit of the day + outfit ideas for crop top

Outfit 3 ( Topshop Style)

Ta-da!!! Outfit 3 is here!!!
Now, I know that topshop can be pricey but you can totally take a look at these outfit ideas and recreate one by using what you have! Simply, take innovations from here! 

above pictures are from

In this post, I will used the well-known and popular Crop Top! 
It is a must have for every teenage girl, and I bet you have one hanging in your closet, too.
Here is how I would wear them:

Printed pattern crop top
I will wear a midi skirt since I think a midi skirt itself looks formal and feels 90's. But, I love this because you're not exposing too much of your skin and the coral orange-y color just put people's eyes on you. I choose a nude platform because you have already a lot of color going on and you want the attentions to remain on your outfit and not your shoes!

Denim crop top
Denim is always in trend, if you ask me. It is a classic. Before we were born, denim is already a big thing in fashion. This black scuba skirt that I preferred, is flattening at the upper part and gradually flares out at the end of the skirt. This will gives the illusion of skinnier legs and this skirt can be pair with multiple clothes! Because this look is a little bit too boring for me, so I decided to add a fun and metallic silver chunky cut out boots. You can always add some jewelry and accessories to spice out this look! A gold body chain are going to make this look more complete.

Off the shoulder crop top.
I went with a black one seeing that the color scheme will be suitable for fall and winter as well. We know it is summer already, therefore to make this outfit summer ready, a lemon print skort is well needed! Skort is shorts that looks like a skirt! I think it is extra comfortable to wear a skort instead of a skirt and also give you that feminine looks from the skirt's characteristic. Are you going to beach this summer? If you do, what shoes do you wear to the beach? Heels? Come on, girl! Let's face the truth, heels is great but isn't a sandal is much more suitable? Wanna to look stylish even when you're at the beach? This patent geek shoes is here for you! Firstly, it is a flat, so you can walk smoothly at the beach side. Secondly, isn't it cute? I personally love this shoes as it is cute and chic-looking.

Simple crop top
Well, everyone have this! Choose a distressed shorts to make it more real. I love the worn out shorts and the acid wash shorts too. Mother's jeans is back in style and honestly, mother's jeans are more loose-fitting and easy to wear compared to a skinny jeans. Another style? Throw on an overalls over this crop top! And I picked the black Razor Sole Shoes to keep this outfit simple and casual. You can wear this if you're out with your friends or to a shopping spree!

You can get everything from the TOPSHOP.

Check out Outfit 1(ASOS style) here, Outfit 2(dailylook style) here.

Do you enjoy it? I am doing a FOREVER 21 style for the next outfit! Please leave a comment and have a nice day!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ultimate Skincare Guide for Teenager + My Skincare Routine

Teenage Skin? How?
First thing first, you must know how to clean your skin. I have reviews about few facial cleansers, feel free to check it out facial cleanser reviews. If you wear makeup, make sure you wash them off completely with either a cleansing oil or makeup remover wipes. I recommend cleansing oil because it honestly cleanse all the waterproof makeup and leave your face fresh. Tips: wash your face with lukewarm to cold water to minimize your pores and pad your face until it dries with a clean towel or tissue.

Then, second step is to use a toner. Is it necessary, using a toner? Yes! It helps you to exfoliate your skin's dead cells and remove dirt on your skin! Use a cotton wipes to apply this. For me, I use Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray  instead of a regular toner. If you can't find it, I also suggest bio-essence miracle bio water! Both of them are my favorites to use! They are both spray, so it is faster and much easier. Pad it on your face and you're done! I can see my face brighter after using them! Do I have any recommendations for regular toner? To be complete honest, you can see I hardly buy any of the regular toner because I think the spray is more efficient and they work fine. Clean & Clear's toner sucks, hated it. Simple's toner makes my skin produces a lot of oil. But, many people do like it.

Next, we have sunscreen here! As a teenager, I don't really know what is the importance of sunscreen until I came across to few articles of it. If you want your skin to remain young and slow down the aging process, you probably want to start using it now! Plus, they prevent you from skin cancer that caused by UV rays! Even a baby is suggested to use one. What are you waiting for? In the market, you can find loads of sunscreen but not everyone works. Let me tell you how to find one! Don't buy those sunblock that is suitable for your body to apply it on your face. Buy the one which says for your face. I am currently using Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 50+. Love it because it won't leave my skin looking white. I don't like sunscreen that leaves your whitens your skin because sometimes you put it on and you didn't blend it nicely, you will end up with some awkward white patches all over your face. Trust me, I had been there.

And last but not least, you guess it, moisturizer! Everyone know this is important but do you add them as your daily routine? Hey, if you don't know already, our body is made up of 70% water! Can you imagine your skin without the presence of water? Maybe you can, but I can't.
The thing you need to aware is that don't choose something that contains alcohol. As I said, alcohol dries up your skin. We don't really need moisturizer which is anti-aging since our skin are still young and you don't wanna the firming and stretching feelings on your face, right? You want your face to be hydrated. If you have oily skin type, use a lighter moisturizer. Use a heavier moisturizer if you're a dry skin type. Buy moisturizer that suitable for you. Test and try, test and try until you find one. Some moisturizer like mine, have SPF in it which is awesome but it will not be suitable for nighttime use. There is not need to buy moisturizer that is pricey and famous. High-end products may not work for your skin. But moisturizer that hydrates your skin. Teenager skin just only need hydration and cleansing.

*If you have acne problems, I highly recommend you to see a dermatologist. The price will be definitely worth for your skin's future.

Eye cream for teenager?
You can use it but it is design for adult or more mature skin. For teenager who normally wear eye makeup, you should use an eyecream to really rewards your eyes and give them a little spa.

What about face mask?
Once in a week is enough if you want. Don't use it often except the product is written there that it can be used daily. If not, don't! Masks are usually stronger and more intense, so it is a waste of money and it will hurt your skin if you use them everyday. I suggest you to used clay mask cause it is good for deep cleansing, use it once in awhile.

Serums/ Essence?
Most of them are expensive but you can use them as well.

Hope it helps! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!

DISCLAIMER: I didn't sponsored by anyone. This is created by me.
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Outfit of the day + outfit ideas part 2

Outfit 2 (Dailylook Style)

Hello there,
Okay, this outfit is not necessary for summer wear but you can totally rock them on summer!
This time, I make some recreations from
This website is very big and it is pretty hard to choose as you can't really try it. I must said that I like dailylook because they have multiple photos for the products and have ways to style it.

pictures from
This white color dress is on sale! So, I think it is best to choose this.

You can really do a lot if things with basic white dress. You can wear them all year. This dress has cut out at the shoulder which make it summer-suitable! I didn't not put something over it because I think it can stand up itself. But you prefer something on it, you can go for kimono, leather jacket and cardigan

For the edgy look, 
I choose a hand clutch, it has a strap as well. Clutch is a good investment since it can be used in multiple outfits especially if you choose the black one. For me, black goes with anything!.
To add a pop of color, I think a statement necklace is a must! This statement necklace will make your whole look more interesting and cheerful. In my opinion, statement necklaces also can go with normal plain color t-shirt. 
The buckled gladiator will looks nice on your feet and matches perfectly with this dress. This gladiator didn't go all the way up to your knee so, it is much more suitable for daily styling. Likewise, it works as a sandals too!

For the everyday look,
I absolutely adore the bracelet because the color is neutral, so it is easy to style. Plus, it gives you the Bohemian feels!
Again, a pop of color on the accessories! If you're wearing a black or white outfit, here's a tips for you!
Just add something that catches and attracts attention, just like bright neon colors. You can go black and white with your whole outfits and put a bright red lipstick! That's how it works! Yes, that simple!
The bag is big and you can put everything in there. It will be handy if you're a student or worker :)
You can fit in your file and iPad that couldn't fit in a small purse.
As I said, neutral goes with anything, that's the reason why I choose this heels! I really love the ankle strap that make your feet look smaller and skinnier.

All of the about product can be easily find at

Find outfit 1(asos style) here.

There will be Outfit 3 and 4! Please leave a comment! Have a nice day!

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Outfit of the day + outfit ideas(Summer Edition)

Summer is just around the corner and yes I am going to style some OOTD(s) specially for summer.

Not everyone will really have the money to but new clothing and go for a haul whenever you want. But the truth is some trends can usually modify according to what you have in your closet. You don't need to buy
something from an expensive store just to feel 'fab'!

Learning to switch something from the other seasons to the current season is very crucial if you don't want to spend an abundance of cash just to buy something that will be a great vogue for a short time. You should really buy something that last you a long time and is worth investing. I am not saying that you should buy somethings that's costly and fancy. Doubtlessly, you can buy designer's clothes if you can afford it.

above pictures are taken from 

This outfit is indeed incredibly summer-RY!
Floral print dress is pretty self-explanatory and it is a classic to wear during summertime! It is a good deal as this piece of clothing will last you forever since floral print can be wear during all seasons!
The round frame sunglasses which is kind of old school looking will definitely make you seemed classy and protect your eyes away from harmful UV rays!
The shoe I pick up is this black truffle platform strap heeled sandals from  .
This pair of platform give you some height and also provide you a stronger look! They also keep you toes free!
If you wanted to add some touch to your look, just wear a pair of socks with some ruffle underneath the platform to make it more cute and feminine.
Plain pastel color bag of your choice but make sure it is small, so you can carry it around!
Gold bracelet to make it more metallic as you already have a lot of colors on your clothes.

All of the pieces above are from You can get them at this site. I figured out it might be easier to find because you can get all the things you one in just one site!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own those pictures. The pictures are from I edit the pictures to create a look. I am not sponsored by anyone.

Outfit 2, 3 and 4 will be posted continuously within this week! 
 UPDATED: Outfit 2(dailylook style) AND Outfit 3(topshop style)
Please leave a comment! Have a nice day!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to study for finals? Tips and tricks

There will be no easy way to achieve something you want by doing nothing.

"How to get straight A's or just pass in an exam?"

"How to pass an exam easily?"

"How to study fast for an important exam?"

I often google this kind of questions. I read articles and articles of how to study but really the things is start from you! Yeah, it might be easy to say but if you're interested to really get an A's in high school, you should begin to love studying. Do what you love and you will love what you do. Maybe you might say, "studying isn't my thing!" but you must understand that gaining knowledge can make your life easier and you can get a better job.

Now, study come with examination. I, myself do not agree in examination but it is a way to prove that you have certain knowledge. But how to study? I am a straight A's student and I am not genetically smart or what. I just start to focus on my study after my elementary/primary school.

I have found some way to study that work for me:

1. Focus when teachers are teaching

Yes, it might sound simple but it works the best! In every examinations, when I can't answer the questions, I will start to rewind my memories when the teacher is teaching. A lot of times, it helps. Of course, I will sometimes can't remember a thing because I can't really understand. So, the main point is understand. The problem is you might be shy to ask teacher what you don't understand. What you can do is go back home and search on internet. We should embrace our power of technology(haha). YouTube is a site where you can go and search. There are always people uploads the 'things' you don't understand  and they're pretty awesome. They work like a home tutor but you can't really ask them questions which is one of their weaknesses.

2. Do the past year papers

This method works miracle if you're a lazy people just like me! The past year papers can tell you clearly about the format of the test you're taking. Besides, it give you a main idea what kind of questions it is coming out. Sometimes, the questions might repeat, so it is a smart move to go through the papers. Also, just reading the past year papers is not enough if you're planning to read this and go for the exam without other preparations.

3. Do what the teacher ask you to do 

I don't really mean to do all your homework here. I want to said that teachers are kind, so a week or two before the examination, they will give us some tips when they're teaching. But not everyone is smart enough to identify. That's the reason why do whatever they gave you before the test. This trick might not work on some of the teachers as they might just gave clues from the beginning of the semester. They are more experienced teacher. Don't get me wrong, I am not here to analyse the teachers. I am just telling from my experiences. The point here is to go through every exercises if you met this kind of teachers. But some teachers are just like to challenge the students by coming out some rare questions, so understanding is very important.

4. Stop procrastinating 

"Procrastination is like a credit card, it's a lot of fun until you get the bill" by Christopher Parker.

I know it's hard because I think all of us procrastinate. It's not like we can control our brain and heart fully. We are not machine. What we can do is block out all the distraction. For example, I find it hard to study when my phone is sitting beside me. And I always hear my phone calling me to check my social media or just stroll through some feeds. I always said to myself that it won't take a lot of times but unfortunately it did!
So Eunice, how to stop procrastinating? I have few ultimate steps that you could try out:
STEP 1: study at midnight or time that you like to study and free from distractions(for me is midnight)
STEP 2: study with music (search for music to study)
STEP 3: eat, bath and do whatever before you study(so you won't have any reason to escape)
STEP 4: choose a place that you like to study, it can be in your rooms or library.
STEP 5: off your phone and put in a place where is far away from you(you can skip this if you don't                             procrastinate with your phone)
*step 2 do not work if you're listening to the song you love because you will probably just sing along with it.

5. Read out loud

This works for me and after my research with the top students in my school, they're using this method too.
I know it sounds weird but trust me it works!
Of course, don't force yourself to shout but just read the thing you wanted to study out loud. This way you can understand better while memorizing it. Kill two birds with one stone!
You should stay focus while reading it.
You can also try to explain it to someone or to yourself. Or read like it is a storybook. I swear this will be fun.

6. Ask yourself questions

When you're reading your textbook, you can summarize the one whole page of  texts into few points that you think are the main points. You can turn them into questions and write them into a post-it notes. Write the question at the front while answer at the back. This can be come in handy when you're doing a last minute revision. 

That's really the methods I used to overcome my finals and other examination. What about flashcards?
For me, flashcards is kind of time consuming and I barely even have time to write them. I also find it difficult to read something that has only a little information. What about notes? It works but if you're writing is not that pretty and well organized, then it is better of you to rather read the textbook or download the notes from internet. And group study never works for me since I am too distracted by my friends and chatting with them. Hope this might help you guys:)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Skincare and Face cleanser review (teenager)

So, as a teenager, I do suffer a lot in picking up the right one for my skin.
We actually don't know what exactly is our face type. Is it oily? dry? or combination?
We need some times to figure it out though but it is all worth it, choosing the right one.

For teenager, we shouldn't use a bunch of products since our skins are still young. We should only clean and moisturizes our skin and that's all we need to do.

I have very sensitive skin. When I try to put on something like a moisturizer, it will show redness and cause irritation. I wanted something that is suitable for my ages and my skin. I wanted something that is affordable and efficient. Here are some products that I tried out:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

First of all, it is a very popular product that a lot of YouTuber ranging about. I decided to give it a try since it is highly recommended. The first thing that I noticed is this cleanser does not form foam which is kind of weird for me. You will feel like putting a layer of transparent liquid on your face and you might be wonder does this thing really work? For me, it does not irritates my sensitive skin which is awesome but also it really does nothing do your face. I feel that this product of course does clean my skin but not really what I expected it could be. I love this product because it is gentle and suitable for all skin type which mean it is suitable for everyone. I could bring this to a trip and share them with my friends if they forgot their face cleanser. I hate because I usually enjoy the foam on my face when I cleaning it but it does not give me that enjoyment. But I do read an article before that claimed that foam is bad for your skin as it drys up your skin. Maybe that's why this product have zero foam. It is kinda pricey, so it might be a good investment if you're not sure of your skin type and wanna a clean skin.

Hadalabo Tamagohada Facial Cleanser

This is the first cleanser I tried for this brand and I like it. It is a drugstore product so it is much more easier to find. And it foams a lot and make me really excited to clean my face. I felt my skin is totally clean after using this product. It is gentle to my sensitive skin, too. But you can feel your face is too clean and it felt like 'overclean'. And I hate that kind of feeling that my face is too clean and maybe need some moisturizer to hydrate my skin. Overall it has AHA and BHA which are good to reduce wrinkles and exfoliate your skin. It is affordable and really does it jobs to clean your skin but I am not that recommend to dry skin type because it can be a little too dry in my opinion. I will no repurchase this product because I know I will have better choice.

OXY Acne Face Wash

OMG! This is my favorite out of all skin cleanser. If I have any breaking out on my face, this works wonder. This would be my top recommendations and really suitable for acne skin or if you just wanted to prevent acne on your skin. This product makes my skin safe from pimples for years and I still loving it. It is cheap and good for your skin as well. It really do prevent pimples! Of course, it can be considered a strong face wash as some of my friends do felt it is too strong for her face but it does not affect my sensitive skin. The reason I stopped using this product is because I need to try the other stuff on the market but I not yet find a facial cleanser that can replace this product because it is merely amazing and works! I will said that it can be harsh on skin but I will give this ten out of ten. But it does not moisturizes your face nor dry out your face.

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Foam Cleanser

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I am currently using this Gowoonsesang brand. It is surprisingly good! It is kinda expensive compared to some other drugstore product but I think it is worth it. It has the hydrophilic and lipophilic moisturization ingredients which works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look(that's what I copy from the text at the box). I like this products because it foams easily. Secondly, it comes with a pump which makes it easier to get the product out. Third, it does make my face looks clearer and even brighter. I always admire my skin in front of the mirror after using this. Your skin will be soft after using this by itself and it is hydrating which is a plus for me. It does not irritates my skin as well. I noticed it does not cause blackhead too. I will said it cleanse and hydrates your skin well. Nine point five out of ten. I deduce point five because it is kinda pricy and not really available in all drugstore.

Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Face Wash

Let's just said that 'simple' brand is a well-known brand but I don't really tried their products. 
But I do manage to get a packet of sample sized which contains this product.
It says kind to skin that really makes me excited to try this and it doesn't let me down.
I know that it's toner is kinda their best selling product but I am also excited to try their face wash.
This product smells good! And it is suitable for sensitive skin. But I would say it does nothing on your face because it just cleans your face and that is all. It can be nice if you want something which is affordable and clean your skin. It is just something that is pretty normal. It does not impress me like the others functional facial cleanser does. But in my opinion, it is suitable for teenage who have normal skin and wanted a clean face. Plus, it has vitamins and some skin loving ingredients. I will not repurchase it but overall it is a good cleanser.

Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

When I brought this product, it comes with a toner and moisturizer. It is my first facial cleanser for my teenage years and I hated it. I tried a lot of Clean and Clear products before and I hated all the facial cleanser to be completely honest. I tried the facial cleanser which is specialized for the acne skin but arhhh.... It does not work! They make my skin oily and when I say oily, it is really oily. It felt good after you just wash your face but it felt like your face just when in a oil bath after you do some sports. They(the anti-acne cleanser and foaming facial cleanser) make my skin break out even more and it's my worst nightmare. Although it can be bad, but I have heard a lot of good things about them from other people. It can be that my skin type that makes me hate this product.

DISCLAIMER: This is only my own opinion about all the products above and the photos are taken from
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What is YouTube for me and YouTuber that I love

For me, a normal teenage girl, I love fashion.
But really, I am not that into fashion because not everyone have that much of money to buy something that they desire for.
I am a sucker for YouTube. Or should I called myself a YouTube addict.
I enjoy watching YouTube videos and love stalking to those YouTuber that I think they're so CLEVER and FUNNY.

YouTube videos always make my day much more fuller and it's like another world for me but unfortunately YouTube activities such as YouTube Fan Fair does not take place in my country.
Ah... I wish all my favorite YouTubers can come to my country and do a meet and greet here.

If you a girl like me and you're totally into fashion, then clothesencounter, evelina and bethany mota are the one you can choose to watch.

If you want some beauty advice you can always watch missglamorazzi(my fav), bubzbeauty, michelle phan, stilababe09, zoella and eleventhgorgeous.

Have a bad day? Need something that's fun to watch? I would recommend pewdiepie and nigahiga. Their videos always make me laugh like a fool. Laughing is a way to escape the pains in life for a while. I really somehow appreciate their works. Putting so much thought on a video and just share their happiness with us, their viewer.

Even you're just bored and wanted something cute to fill your time, you can watch some vlogs or just listen to some songs in YouTube.
Vlog: bubzvlog
Music channels: kurthugoschneider and boyceavenue.

And of course there are a lot of people ask me why I love YouTube so much that I needed to watch it everyday but really I don't need to watch it, I enjoy watching it.
I watch because I can learn more things and a country from a YouTuber. I can learn something that I am too shy to ask, I can learn something from a YouTuber's life and experiences and finally I can improve myself to what I wanted to be in  my future.
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