Friday, June 19, 2015

Must-Have Shoes! (SPORT VERSION)

Now, if you don't know this has been a trend right now, let me knock your head for a few times! I am sure you see people rocking the sportswear shoe with dresses yet still look put together. Not only it's neat and stylish but it's very comfy! Kiss your heels goodbye and embrace your painless foot!

With this you can walk through staircase without ease! Sport fashion let's go!

Shoes in the picture (from top to bottom, from left to right) : New Balance 570, Vans Ski8 Hi, Adidas Superstar, New Balance 570 (black/leopard) , New Balance 570 (blue/ grey), Nike Air Force 90, Nike Huarache (white/ grey), Nike Huarache (black), Adidas Superstar Supercolor, Adidas ZX Flux Tree , Converse Cons Pro Blaze.

To be honest, I hate styling with bold colors, but I do really like the bold color that New Balance 570 incorporates. And did you see that Adidas zx flux?!!! I think I just fall entirely in love with that series. Yup, love in first sight xD. Seriously though, the every pattern is so on point!

Styling something sporty is always easy, just keep everything simple. You can throw on some simple top with a jeans or wear it with monochrome color. And you're done! Chic + stylish in one step (or twoxD)

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