Friday, June 19, 2015

Must-Have Shoes! (SPORT VERSION)

Now, if you don't know this has been a trend right now, let me knock your head for a few times! I am sure you see people rocking the sportswear shoe with dresses yet still look put together. Not only it's neat and stylish but it's very comfy! Kiss your heels goodbye and embrace your painless foot!

With this you can walk through staircase without ease! Sport fashion let's go!

Shoes in the picture (from top to bottom, from left to right) : New Balance 570, Vans Ski8 Hi, Adidas Superstar, New Balance 570 (black/leopard) , New Balance 570 (blue/ grey), Nike Air Force 90, Nike Huarache (white/ grey), Nike Huarache (black), Adidas Superstar Supercolor, Adidas ZX Flux Tree , Converse Cons Pro Blaze.

To be honest, I hate styling with bold colors, but I do really like the bold color that New Balance 570 incorporates. And did you see that Adidas zx flux?!!! I think I just fall entirely in love with that series. Yup, love in first sight xD. Seriously though, the every pattern is so on point!

Styling something sporty is always easy, just keep everything simple. You can throw on some simple top with a jeans or wear it with monochrome color. And you're done! Chic + stylish in one step (or twoxD)

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Monday, February 23, 2015


original photo by Jonas Nilsson Lee.

I am not sure who is reading this right now, however, I would like to share something with you.

I need someone to say this to me when I am feeling sad and tired. So, I am now saying this to me and to all who are reading this.
 We need to stay strong in this life. 

When you are exhausted, take a few deep breathes and smile to tell yourself that you will be fine.
When you are stressed, tell yourself that it's not a big deal. IT'S NOT. Stop worrying about the things in the future and live in the moment.
When you are alone, appreciate the things you have in your life right now. Be grateful and humble to everyone in your life because we are here for a reason. We might not be wise enough to see it right now, but I am sure that, one day we will. 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OOTD for schools! (F21 style)

Hello everyone who is reading this! and welcome here! Make yourself comfy!

Okay, let me start this question.
 Do you like the outfit you're wearing to school?

We'll always know the struggle every morning when we're in the school. You know, when you're in a rush and you need to do things fast. You have to pack your homework in your backpack, do your hair, brush your teeth and even eat something for breakfast! Sometimes, you just have no time to pick any outfit! I mean, come on, sometimes some of us even need to finish our assignments in the morning before school, right? *guilty*

And that's the very reason why we always go back to the universal school outfits we have in our wardrobe. The basic t-shirt and jeans! I can't blame anybody for this but we can totally upgrade them to a better version!

And here's how!

photos taken from

#1 Romper/ Jumpsuits/ Overall
This seriously is a lifesaver! While everyone thinking how to style that top with the bottom, you just need to pick up a romper and you're good to go! This thing, save you from wasting your time in the morning plus most of them is super comfortable to wear! The only down side that I can think of is when you need to go to the washroom. However, they give you this stylish look without you really planning the whole outfit!

Why coat?

  • Go with basic tee! (just layer a short or a skinny jeans)
  • Give you the timeless and classy style
  • Good investment because you can wear it for formal and informal events
Why turtleneck sweater?
  • the trend is back!
  • literally it's scarf+sweater and they come in one!
  • comfy and cozy
How to style overall?

  • any graphic/basic tops will do

photos for each item are taken from

#2 Must-haves to accessories!
When you're stuck with basic outfits, put on some necklaces or something extra to make your style more sophisticated. You don't need a lot, just one statement piece is enough! 

Let's be real here, what we all need is some handy and practical things. Tote bag or a cute backpack is a must to put all of your books and files! 

For shoes, I prefer flats or something comfy to walk in. If you're more comfortable with high heels, hey, go on! 

p/s: Beanie is good for second hair day!

As you can see, I didn't choose colorful clothing because I like how the earth's color mix and match together which gives up a casual vibe :)

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