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Writing a story in wattpad

I wrote a story in wattpad. I didn't even care about my story is attractive or my grammar is perfect. I just wanted to write a story. A story that I kept thinking, a story that always cause my sleepless night. But, I got disappointed when I found out I am pressing myself against the number of views and the 'vote' I got from the readers. Yes, it's not what I expected. This made me felt my story is unoriginal because the initial idea of this story had somehow lost in the process of seeking the pleasure.

Then, I stopped. All I ever wanted  is to write something that equals to me but I got it all wrong. I did enjoy writing at there and see the readers growing. Yet, it felt it was not what I wanted. I am expecting to be popular and had forgotten the real meaning of me starting to write a story. Some people might said, it was a good thing to fight for better(the popularity) but some might think I am being ridiculous since it was not a big deal.

See, people do things that they think it's good for them. Anything.

I still remember the very last time I used wattpad few years back then. Keeping myself up all night just to finish reading a story from there. The truth is the story there are really interesting and unpredictable at the same times! If you planning to write one story there, you need to prepare a book cover. It's like you're publishing yourself there and (I guess) there will be no age limit to upload a story.

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The First Step: To Have Your Own Story
Writing is fun and having someone to read it will always bring much more joy. Not to mention that, you might get a chance to really publish your work! This step is crucial. If you copy people's work or style, it won't really work out the best. Everyone has their own creativity and that's make us unique. Plan out your plot for your story!

The Second Step: Book Cover
Well, my first book cover is a picture of myself because really, I didn't know what to put there. So I just go to some photo editor thing and add the book title on it. You probably can guess it was quite not attractive and it's unprofessional looking. After I finally realized about the importance of book cover, I went to the 'multimedia designer club' in the 'community' to ask for book cover. So, in every clubs there are few 'pinned threads' which will always shown on the top. Why I said it will always be there? This is because there are many threads in each clubs and the thread will only be on the top list when someone just post in it.  Why am I telling this? That's because you can ask people there to make you one by applying in their threads. You will figure out yourself. Or you can make one yourself! I didn't know I could make something professional until I try.

The Third Step: Find an Editor
Yup, there's many editor out there waiting for you, waving their hands and calling you. Not, not really. Again you need to go to 'Improve your writing' in 'community' and search for editor thread. What editor do is, they correct your grammar mistakes and help you to improve your overall essay (story). No one is perfect, and we need help from the other, too.

Finally, just keep that passion of writing and creating story. Don't leave the story untold, it's very irresponsible for the readers. You might think that no one will read your story, however, when you saw it had passed 100 views, I think you will be dancing so happily like a fool. It's a compliment, at least I think so.

Fun Fact: You can have your own trailer for your book and book jacket plus people are willing to make that for you, for free. The payment they want for return is very simple! It's either follow them in wattpad or read their story in wattpad. At the most important thing is that people in wattpad are really kind and helpful :)

Here's some of my favorite book in wattpad! Click the link below to start reading!

Enjoy your journey in wattpad! Wish you all best of luck!

Sorry, for not posting lately but I will be active posting blog post again!

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take"  -unknown

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