Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top fashion, beauty yet inspiring blog I love

First of all, I know, it's had been a very long while since I last write a blog post. Maybe you don't even care about it but I did. I need to apologize about it.

To be honest, I haven't had much time to write as I am so busy with my own life recently. Blog is a place where you can share about stuff you like but nowadays, blog has been faded away so quickly like the smoke after the fireworks. Who has the time to read a blog when you can get the same information through tv or videos? I need to admit that I am also a huge fan of YouTube and that I always watch youtube's videos. Still, I enjoy reading blog. Sometimes, I just love to see the design of the blogs, it's like an art for me.

I love love to see the lookbook in every blog as they describe perfectly and sharing some useful tips, too. Also, some blogs can be very inspiring and motivate you to do something you never ever think of.

Here, I have few to share, check them up and send them some love :)

Kristen Hedges
I get to know her because of free people's blog. Love her blog post as I feel the connection between us. She is a writer, yogi and meditation instructor. 
"Because for now, there's nothing to do but move forward." - Kristen Hedges
Free People
Hands down my favorite blog ever! The free people's community  creates the best reading material and provide the most useful knowledge and ideas to share with people all around the world. Free People is a clothing store but yet they have the best inspiring blog posts that I loved the most. They invites me to explore the world in an adventurous way.
"Stay close to what keeps you alive." - free people
Okay, you probably knows what the blog about by the title of it, however I will still gonna tell you what it's about. Maybe you already knew this site but I will love to share this blog to the other people out there who declare that they are fashionista! This place is amazing of the feeling of 'real' in it. Often, we see the model wears the most beautiful outfit but at this place, we, the 'usual' people, can also pull off cool street style! You can get tons and tons of outfit ideas at here.

Ever wonder what to wear for a wedding dinner? Or how to style that short shorts you bought? 
This website is the ultimate guide for all the fashion  trends and news. You can simply 'get the looks' of various gorgeous outfit which inspire by the celebrities!

If you need something to read daily, here is something for you. Their blog page is absolutely beautiful and yet simple. They wrote review on products they used, things that inspire them, recipe, music, DIY and all beauty related stuff. You can get a little of everything at there! 

She is a lovely beauty youtuber. She shares her lifetime story and some beauty related post there. Need me to say more? Check her youtube channel here :)

If you're someone that busy and ain't no time to read and check out those blogs one by one everyday, then I think bloglovin is your choice! They collect all the feed from the blog you like and it saves your time just like that! Follow me on bloglovin to see what I love!

I think I pretty much cover the whole things. But I will like to share a quote which I take from Free People's blog that I love to all of you who reading this...
"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"
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