Friday, June 19, 2015

Must-Have Shoes! (SPORT VERSION)

Now, if you don't know this has been a trend right now, let me knock your head for a few times! I am sure you see people rocking the sportswear shoe with dresses yet still look put together. Not only it's neat and stylish but it's very comfy! Kiss your heels goodbye and embrace your painless foot!

With this you can walk through staircase without ease! Sport fashion let's go!

Shoes in the picture (from top to bottom, from left to right) : New Balance 570, Vans Ski8 Hi, Adidas Superstar, New Balance 570 (black/leopard) , New Balance 570 (blue/ grey), Nike Air Force 90, Nike Huarache (white/ grey), Nike Huarache (black), Adidas Superstar Supercolor, Adidas ZX Flux Tree , Converse Cons Pro Blaze.

To be honest, I hate styling with bold colors, but I do really like the bold color that New Balance 570 incorporates. And did you see that Adidas zx flux?!!! I think I just fall entirely in love with that series. Yup, love in first sight xD. Seriously though, the every pattern is so on point!

Styling something sporty is always easy, just keep everything simple. You can throw on some simple top with a jeans or wear it with monochrome color. And you're done! Chic + stylish in one step (or twoxD)

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Monday, February 23, 2015


original photo by Jonas Nilsson Lee.

I am not sure who is reading this right now, however, I would like to share something with you.

I need someone to say this to me when I am feeling sad and tired. So, I am now saying this to me and to all who are reading this.
 We need to stay strong in this life. 

When you are exhausted, take a few deep breathes and smile to tell yourself that you will be fine.
When you are stressed, tell yourself that it's not a big deal. IT'S NOT. Stop worrying about the things in the future and live in the moment.
When you are alone, appreciate the things you have in your life right now. Be grateful and humble to everyone in your life because we are here for a reason. We might not be wise enough to see it right now, but I am sure that, one day we will. 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OOTD for schools! (F21 style)

Hello everyone who is reading this! and welcome here! Make yourself comfy!

Okay, let me start this question.
 Do you like the outfit you're wearing to school?

We'll always know the struggle every morning when we're in the school. You know, when you're in a rush and you need to do things fast. You have to pack your homework in your backpack, do your hair, brush your teeth and even eat something for breakfast! Sometimes, you just have no time to pick any outfit! I mean, come on, sometimes some of us even need to finish our assignments in the morning before school, right? *guilty*

And that's the very reason why we always go back to the universal school outfits we have in our wardrobe. The basic t-shirt and jeans! I can't blame anybody for this but we can totally upgrade them to a better version!

And here's how!

photos taken from

#1 Romper/ Jumpsuits/ Overall
This seriously is a lifesaver! While everyone thinking how to style that top with the bottom, you just need to pick up a romper and you're good to go! This thing, save you from wasting your time in the morning plus most of them is super comfortable to wear! The only down side that I can think of is when you need to go to the washroom. However, they give you this stylish look without you really planning the whole outfit!

Why coat?

  • Go with basic tee! (just layer a short or a skinny jeans)
  • Give you the timeless and classy style
  • Good investment because you can wear it for formal and informal events
Why turtleneck sweater?
  • the trend is back!
  • literally it's scarf+sweater and they come in one!
  • comfy and cozy
How to style overall?

  • any graphic/basic tops will do

photos for each item are taken from

#2 Must-haves to accessories!
When you're stuck with basic outfits, put on some necklaces or something extra to make your style more sophisticated. You don't need a lot, just one statement piece is enough! 

Let's be real here, what we all need is some handy and practical things. Tote bag or a cute backpack is a must to put all of your books and files! 

For shoes, I prefer flats or something comfy to walk in. If you're more comfortable with high heels, hey, go on! 

p/s: Beanie is good for second hair day!

As you can see, I didn't choose colorful clothing because I like how the earth's color mix and match together which gives up a casual vibe :)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Writing a story in wattpad

I wrote a story in wattpad. I didn't even care about my story is attractive or my grammar is perfect. I just wanted to write a story. A story that I kept thinking, a story that always cause my sleepless night. But, I got disappointed when I found out I am pressing myself against the number of views and the 'vote' I got from the readers. Yes, it's not what I expected. This made me felt my story is unoriginal because the initial idea of this story had somehow lost in the process of seeking the pleasure.

Then, I stopped. All I ever wanted  is to write something that equals to me but I got it all wrong. I did enjoy writing at there and see the readers growing. Yet, it felt it was not what I wanted. I am expecting to be popular and had forgotten the real meaning of me starting to write a story. Some people might said, it was a good thing to fight for better(the popularity) but some might think I am being ridiculous since it was not a big deal.

See, people do things that they think it's good for them. Anything.

I still remember the very last time I used wattpad few years back then. Keeping myself up all night just to finish reading a story from there. The truth is the story there are really interesting and unpredictable at the same times! If you planning to write one story there, you need to prepare a book cover. It's like you're publishing yourself there and (I guess) there will be no age limit to upload a story.

logo of wattpad from

The First Step: To Have Your Own Story
Writing is fun and having someone to read it will always bring much more joy. Not to mention that, you might get a chance to really publish your work! This step is crucial. If you copy people's work or style, it won't really work out the best. Everyone has their own creativity and that's make us unique. Plan out your plot for your story!

The Second Step: Book Cover
Well, my first book cover is a picture of myself because really, I didn't know what to put there. So I just go to some photo editor thing and add the book title on it. You probably can guess it was quite not attractive and it's unprofessional looking. After I finally realized about the importance of book cover, I went to the 'multimedia designer club' in the 'community' to ask for book cover. So, in every clubs there are few 'pinned threads' which will always shown on the top. Why I said it will always be there? This is because there are many threads in each clubs and the thread will only be on the top list when someone just post in it.  Why am I telling this? That's because you can ask people there to make you one by applying in their threads. You will figure out yourself. Or you can make one yourself! I didn't know I could make something professional until I try.

The Third Step: Find an Editor
Yup, there's many editor out there waiting for you, waving their hands and calling you. Not, not really. Again you need to go to 'Improve your writing' in 'community' and search for editor thread. What editor do is, they correct your grammar mistakes and help you to improve your overall essay (story). No one is perfect, and we need help from the other, too.

Finally, just keep that passion of writing and creating story. Don't leave the story untold, it's very irresponsible for the readers. You might think that no one will read your story, however, when you saw it had passed 100 views, I think you will be dancing so happily like a fool. It's a compliment, at least I think so.

Fun Fact: You can have your own trailer for your book and book jacket plus people are willing to make that for you, for free. The payment they want for return is very simple! It's either follow them in wattpad or read their story in wattpad. At the most important thing is that people in wattpad are really kind and helpful :)

Here's some of my favorite book in wattpad! Click the link below to start reading!

Enjoy your journey in wattpad! Wish you all best of luck!

Sorry, for not posting lately but I will be active posting blog post again!

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take"  -unknown

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to be happy?

photo by me

Are you feeling down? Did you ever feel like you live alone although you are physically not alone?
We all have the 'phase' of life before, the 'dark phase'. 

Sometimes, even you open your eyes you can feel your heart is hurting and falling apart. No one deserve to feel like that. And you, who reading this now, deserve to be happy! But, the question remained. How? How to be happy when we are dealing with our pain inside? 

I have to admit, I am not a very strong person and I am not a professional in this field. I have troubles to be happy, too. I will also wish to be a kid again where all my trouble is to fall asleep. We grow both mentally and physically, turning into a more mature human being which we called 'adult'. I still remembered the desire of me wanted to be an adult so badly because all the beautiful shoes are made for the adults(since they have the money and also the power to control a kid like us). I like to think as being adult is the most fun thing to do. You can drive anywhere, buy stuffs you like, it's just the coolness and the power that attracts me

However, as I am growing(I am still growing), I don't think it's a good idea to be an adult. I finally realized that being a 'elder' person, doesn't mean you have more power, it simply means you have more responsibilities which I called it as stone you need to carry. As time passed by, more and more stone will be stack up and you will be struggling to carry them. Even though, I am only a teenager, I can feel it. Now, I think the adults are all very strong souls. Until now you don't understand, yet I know you can connect with what I wrote here.

So, after the long reading, I will now share what I do to feel happy! I can't tell you the exact way to feel happy but to share with you about my personal experiences that I learnt from everyone around me and from the books I read.

I know it's hard to be happy sometimes since no everyone can control their emotions perfectly. Sometimes, I just love to let it go. Let the feeling goes away, by expressing them. How I like to express them is by writing. I write all the bad and at the same times the good things. After I write down all the negative part, I will try as much as I can to write something positive. Something that I am grateful for, something that make me laugh that day. Or maybe an inspiring quotes. Now, when you are sad and you wanted to cry, don't hold the tears. Just let them flow out. This will definitely makes you feel better. 

Some good old methods will ask you to do something that you enjoy doing, for me, is watching youtube and reading books. It totally works! I mean something doing what you love, can be very inconvenient. So, I suggest breathing. Yes, a simple action like breathing can slow down everything inside you. Remember, take a few deep breathes to calm yourself down. Also, you may find that not very useful sometimes, but breathing can really make you feel less exhausted. 

Keep a journal. Okay, it might seems keeping a journal has nothing to do with being happy, even so it does! I love reading my old diary. This is mainly because I find that the 'old me' is very funny, smart, foolish and stubborn. I always has the 'What I am grateful for today' in my journal and I can invariably find a smile in my face unfailingly when I read it.

Enjoy those small moments in life that melt you heart. Do you ever just stop and watch the masterpiece of the nature, the sky? Do you ever notice how beautiful and breathtaking are the sunrise and sunset? Do you cherish the moment before? The moment when you see your dog yawning and stretching it's back. The shadow of your mum cooking for you and the moment when a baby hold your finger with their tiny little fingers. I always smile when I saw a cute little baby. Simple things like this can make me really enjoy my day! I will be happy even my favorite singer or youtuber upload a new video. Click here to read a old blog post of me sharing some youtube channel that make me laugh!

Take a shower or a bath. A warm and nice bath is my personal favorite. Everyone knows that we tend to think a lot during shower time. The steam of the lukewarm water always calm me down. When I am in a huge problem, I like to have a cold water shower, to wake me and my soul up. 

Being with friends will absolutely cheer you up! Believe it or not, when you are around with your friends, you will have a better mood. And lastly, happiness is from your heart. If you decide to be happy, you will. No one can really help you to be happy, if you don't want to. It's the matter of your mind. Just don't let the pain you are feeling now to take over you. 
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top fashion, beauty yet inspiring blog I love

First of all, I know, it's had been a very long while since I last write a blog post. Maybe you don't even care about it but I did. I need to apologize about it.

To be honest, I haven't had much time to write as I am so busy with my own life recently. Blog is a place where you can share about stuff you like but nowadays, blog has been faded away so quickly like the smoke after the fireworks. Who has the time to read a blog when you can get the same information through tv or videos? I need to admit that I am also a huge fan of YouTube and that I always watch youtube's videos. Still, I enjoy reading blog. Sometimes, I just love to see the design of the blogs, it's like an art for me.

I love love to see the lookbook in every blog as they describe perfectly and sharing some useful tips, too. Also, some blogs can be very inspiring and motivate you to do something you never ever think of.

Here, I have few to share, check them up and send them some love :)

Kristen Hedges
I get to know her because of free people's blog. Love her blog post as I feel the connection between us. She is a writer, yogi and meditation instructor. 
"Because for now, there's nothing to do but move forward." - Kristen Hedges
Free People
Hands down my favorite blog ever! The free people's community  creates the best reading material and provide the most useful knowledge and ideas to share with people all around the world. Free People is a clothing store but yet they have the best inspiring blog posts that I loved the most. They invites me to explore the world in an adventurous way.
"Stay close to what keeps you alive." - free people
Okay, you probably knows what the blog about by the title of it, however I will still gonna tell you what it's about. Maybe you already knew this site but I will love to share this blog to the other people out there who declare that they are fashionista! This place is amazing of the feeling of 'real' in it. Often, we see the model wears the most beautiful outfit but at this place, we, the 'usual' people, can also pull off cool street style! You can get tons and tons of outfit ideas at here.

Ever wonder what to wear for a wedding dinner? Or how to style that short shorts you bought? 
This website is the ultimate guide for all the fashion  trends and news. You can simply 'get the looks' of various gorgeous outfit which inspire by the celebrities!

If you need something to read daily, here is something for you. Their blog page is absolutely beautiful and yet simple. They wrote review on products they used, things that inspire them, recipe, music, DIY and all beauty related stuff. You can get a little of everything at there! 

She is a lovely beauty youtuber. She shares her lifetime story and some beauty related post there. Need me to say more? Check her youtube channel here :)

If you're someone that busy and ain't no time to read and check out those blogs one by one everyday, then I think bloglovin is your choice! They collect all the feed from the blog you like and it saves your time just like that! Follow me on bloglovin to see what I love!

I think I pretty much cover the whole things. But I will like to share a quote which I take from Free People's blog that I love to all of you who reading this...
"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Are You So Skinny And Tall?

Okay, not going to lie or anything, I kinda steal this title from Zoella. If you don't know her yet,  she is a famous British beauty YouTuber. I mean her videos are good! I got inspired by her from her old video which had the same title of this blog post. That's the reason why I said I kinda steal this title from her.

photo taken by me

Do you ever wondering why someone can be so skinny and tall at the same time?
First of all, I had been categorized as the 'skinny' one ever since I could remember. I know it's not like a bad thing being skinny but the thing is people keep reminding me that I am so skinny and needed to put some weight on because they think that is not healthy. Sometimes, I am proud of my body but sometimes I am annoyed by it. In my opinion, skinny doesn't mean that you're unhealthy. As long as my body is functioning well, I will considered myself as a healthy person.

Of course, maybe you think that I overreacted on it since it is not a big deal. Yeah, it's not a big deal when I was skinny and short because people think that skinny+short = normal. However, when I hit puberty, and I grow taller, people start questioning about me. The short girl suddenly turns into a tall one. And trust me, I didn't get any surgery done with my legs. I just grow! They just didn't get that. I don't mean it's rude to ask questions like, "Why are you so tall?" "Why are you so skinny?". It's not rude, it's annoying. These questions have been the most frequent questions I received. Imagine that every friends you met asked you the exact same thing, how do you feel? Proud? Happy? Angry? Nah, I feel annoyed. Sometimes, I tend to come up with a creative answer. For example,
"Why are you so skinny and tall?"
"It's because I went to korea for some leg surgery to make it longer, it's quite cheap, do you want to go? I can give you some recommendations."
Yup, that's how I really answered them. They knew I am messing around with them but still I think they preferred this answer a little more. 

"Does your mum or your dad are tall and skinny too?"
"My mum does, my dad doesn't"
"I get it! You're tall because of your mum is tall and skinny!"

My friends like to said it's because of genetic. But I mean, everything can be the factors. What you eat, how is your body system works and how often you exercises are some other factors. If you keep eating and don't exercise at all, you might just get larger and larger. That's a cruel truth but you need to accept it. The thing is that answering those questions is like asking why my I had two hands and two eyes. People don't ask those questions because they get used to it. In other words, it's normal to have two eyes and two hands, so it's a no brainer people will asked these questions. Don't get me wrong, I am not here to show off my so called perfect height, but I am here to discuss with you what I feel about it.

Now, imagine someone asked you why do you have two eyes, what will be your answer? I will probably ask them to ask the god. Because I was born like that. The same thing goes to why I am so tall. I can't control my body to grow taller, and if you ask me how I get taller and taller, I will said that I hit my puberty. I mean I don't have any secrets to grow so tall. Yeah, some said that you will get taller if you play basketball but I didn't. I guess I might grow even taller if I played it(haha). The truth is that I am once a short girl, so I know the feelings of being a short and a tall girl. People like to make fun of my height when I was short but let me tell ya, people still make fun of you even you're taller than them. It's a same difference.

Being tall and skinny as a girl always make people asked me to become a model. And what people can really talks about me is about my body shape. If you asked me to chose my height, I will probably chose my height now(taller than the average). A fun fact I want to share is that, when I was short, I got a good reason to squish into the first row to see some performances. But when I was taller, I don't get the reason to watch the show at the front however I am already tall enough to see it from the back. Both of them have their benefits and weaknesses. 

Let's continue to the skinny part. How I feel about skinny? I mean it's normal and many people around you are skinny. I don't mean you're unusual if you not the skinny type. Occasionally, skinny people had a lot of problems too. Because I am too skinny when I was 13 or 14 years old, I could not find jeans or any other pants that fit me. I need to buy from kids section and even more embarrassing is that the jeans had the label 'kids' there. Yup, I had been wearing those kids jeans until I am good enough to buy from regular adult section(a big high-five if you know how I felt). A teenager standing at kids section to pick up some pants, hmm so awkward. I don't even allowed to go on the roller coaster because I was too short and too thin. Maybe you think it's normal, but I don't.  As good as you think a skinny and tall people's life could be, there's still something good you can found in your's. A tall height can give advantages and also disadvantages. But never underestimate of what you can do in you life. Don't live in others words, live the way you like. 
"It's not who we are that hold us back; it's who we think we are not" - Michael Nolan.
You can get slim or put on weights if you want. Trust yourself. 

posted by Eunice.

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