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Top 10 Beauty Guru in YouTube

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"Hey, your mum is pretty!"
"Aw...thanks! I will tell her you said so!"
"I guess you look like your father then"
Above conversation is between my friend and I. It takes me few hours to realize what it really means. Pretty mean, right?

Beauty is a beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular.

For me, beauty isn't all about what we look like physically but also how we think and act. Inner beauty lasts the most in people's mind. What we appear not necessary represent who we are. Don't judge a people simply because of how he/she looks like. Be kind and understanding. You will be the prettiest just by a simple smile! Don't save your smile, use them wisely!

Top 10 Beauty Gurus That is Worth Watching in YouTube!
(this is not a rank or something, I arranged it randomly)

No.1 Michelle Phan

You don't know her? Hello? Everyone know her!
Everyone who is familiar with beauty communities in YouTube should know her! Well, she is very passionate and creative. The first thing you will notice if you watch any of her videos are the quality of them. The videos quality and the editing skill are wonderful and professional. In YouTube,  you don't like to watch blur videos. Besides, the background music of her videos are surprisingly relaxing and her voice is very loud and she speaks clearly. Her makeup tutorials are veritably useful and you can find any makeup look that you want to create at her channel! She owns a makeup line em cosmetics which is awesome! She have a  website that updated everyday! And she and her boyfriend, Dom are so cute and meant to be together!

No.2 Missglamorazzi

a.k.a known as Ingrid! Sunny and happy girl! She will send you into a good mood whenever you watched her videos. You can find monthly favorites, get ready with me  series, how to cook and DIY in her channel! I love the way she speaks that makes her different from others YouTuber. Wanna win something? She always has giveaways in her videos which are awesome because the products she used not necessary can be found in other countries! Her sit-down-and-talk videos are my fav! I usually hate people talks a lot in their videos but hers never made me felt the same way! Her style is great and she always link the products mentioned in the description box(make it whole lot easier to find them!). 

No.3 Bethany Mota

Teen girl!!! We always love to see someone at our age range, right? Here she is!
Originally known as Macbarbie07. She is beautiful and gorgeous. Plus, she has a great taste in fashion. Before I forget, she launched her very own clothing line in Aeropostale! Love her designs! Her videos are very approachable and related to a teenage life. It's extraordinary to know that a teenage girl like all of us has the chance to design clothes and sell them! I heart her videos' bloopers! They reminded me that I am not the only one who do weird things in my own bedroom. Beth always has the right and best ideas to make any events interesting. Her guides are suitable for all teenage girl! Watching her videos, is like watching a life of a teen. Do you always wonder what others people do when they're at home? I do and you can see what she does in her videos! Enjoy!

No.4 Clothesencounter


Jenn always inspired me with her lookbook videos! Her outfit ideas are by far the best I could find! 
Have problems spending too much time to find the perfect outfit in your closet? Stop that already! Here I give you the best solutions! Her outfit ideas usually fulfill me and really open up my eyes how a basic thing can be style in so many ways yet still remain it's uniqueness. You must watch it yourself to really experience it. But the thing is, you might get jealous by the thing she wears and the way she style it. Finding a fashion doctor? Hey, tweet her your problem and she will answer you in her videos! 

No. 5 Cute Girl Hairstyles

It's a family videos type of thing?
Nope, darling, they just work as a family!

Wow! You'll never know how many hairstyles you can do with your hair until you watch this. I am a little bit angry that my mum couldn't do what Mindy do to her daughters' hair! You know what? I'll do myself!
They teach very simple step-by-step tutorials that you can learn again if you forgot how to do them. I mean you want to look good in certain vacations, right? And changing your hairstyles can  totally change your overall appearances. No matter your hair is long, short, curly, straight or 'undefined', you will definitely find a way to make it better and good-looking in their channels. Now, I am obsessed to braid my hair everyday to school just to show my friends that I have 'skills'! Ha! if you wanna do the same thing, check them out!
"Ain't nobody got time to braid your hair everyday!". Calm down, girl! They do have videos for fast and running-late-for-school hairstyles!

No.6 Cutepolish

If you're a nail polish addict and wanted to learn more nail art design, them check them out! Marvelous ideas to work on your nails! You want your hands to look great too, okay? What if your boyfriend, wanted to hold your hand? Or you want to make your friends jealous of your nails? Hey, she got your back!
"They're a bunch of nail art design I could find at pinterest why want to waste my time to watch this?"
Reasons to watch this: 1. easy to learn (you don't really get to see the techniques to paint the nails on                                                            pinterest)
                                   2. multi choices and designs
                                   3. tools and products can be found easily(she used toothpick)
                                   4. videos with high quality
                                   5. straight to the point (some people talk a lot before they teach you to paint their                                                       nails)

No.7 Stilababe09

Meredith, the classy and sassy youtuber! You like Bethany's videos? Then you will like hers too! She is very active as a teenager. I am so excited for her as she is going to college! Her monthly favorites/must-haves are a must-watch! Want to look good in your bikini? She has the workout tips for you! Want to see any hauls? She got it! She creates multiple looks for a specific event or seasons! Yup, she is a mixture of everything!

No.8 Tanya Burr

Tanya is a British makeup pundit! Ever wondering how to get those celebrities makeup look? Tanya had done a splendid job to recreate those celebrities look! She applies makeup skillfully and really explain what the products she is using. As you can see from the image above, she is gorgeous and beautiful! She had just started her makeup line this year and she had 2 million subscribers already! Plus, she vlog, too! Vlog is lifestyle videos. Her makeup is always flawless and I love her skincare routine, too.

No.9 Evelina

Evelina is a fashion guru and blogger! Her website has more information about her current style and describe every clothing piece she chose in details. Her YouTube channel mostly contains of fashion tips and haul. The way she films her videos are just wow! It's like a mini movie about fashion! I enjoy watching the evelina fashion cafe where she talks about fashion. It is really good to have someone to share their experiences with you! She is always style differently, so don't expect her to wear the same style over and over again!
"I also live, dream and breath fashion. I am an aspiring fashion editor and designer and my goal is to bring positivity and soul into the fashion world." said Evelina.

 No.10 Tati

I just found her recently and to my surprise she uploads video everyday! I mean if you're an active subscriber to YouTube, you'll want to watch videos everyday! But, do you think all YouTubers do that? Nope! She has beauty tips and  advice everyday! How did she manage to do that? She is extraordinary! She makes a lot of drugstore reviews which I love since drugstore products are a lot cheaper. You got to know how to  pamper head to toes in her channel! Amazing, huh?

YouTube again?
I am sorry if that disappoint you still I want to write this.
YouTube has been a part of me since several years, ago. I learn most of my beauty knowledge at there, so I highly recommend you to watch them.
 P/S: This is only my own opinions! Have a nice day!

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