Thursday, May 29, 2014

Outfit of the day + outfit ideas(Summer Edition)

Summer is just around the corner and yes I am going to style some OOTD(s) specially for summer.

Not everyone will really have the money to but new clothing and go for a haul whenever you want. But the truth is some trends can usually modify according to what you have in your closet. You don't need to buy
something from an expensive store just to feel 'fab'!

Learning to switch something from the other seasons to the current season is very crucial if you don't want to spend an abundance of cash just to buy something that will be a great vogue for a short time. You should really buy something that last you a long time and is worth investing. I am not saying that you should buy somethings that's costly and fancy. Doubtlessly, you can buy designer's clothes if you can afford it.

above pictures are taken from 

This outfit is indeed incredibly summer-RY!
Floral print dress is pretty self-explanatory and it is a classic to wear during summertime! It is a good deal as this piece of clothing will last you forever since floral print can be wear during all seasons!
The round frame sunglasses which is kind of old school looking will definitely make you seemed classy and protect your eyes away from harmful UV rays!
The shoe I pick up is this black truffle platform strap heeled sandals from  .
This pair of platform give you some height and also provide you a stronger look! They also keep you toes free!
If you wanted to add some touch to your look, just wear a pair of socks with some ruffle underneath the platform to make it more cute and feminine.
Plain pastel color bag of your choice but make sure it is small, so you can carry it around!
Gold bracelet to make it more metallic as you already have a lot of colors on your clothes.

All of the pieces above are from You can get them at this site. I figured out it might be easier to find because you can get all the things you one in just one site!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own those pictures. The pictures are from I edit the pictures to create a look. I am not sponsored by anyone.

Outfit 2, 3 and 4 will be posted continuously within this week! 
 UPDATED: Outfit 2(dailylook style) AND Outfit 3(topshop style)
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