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Outfit of the day + outfit ideas for crop top

Outfit 3 ( Topshop Style)

Ta-da!!! Outfit 3 is here!!!
Now, I know that topshop can be pricey but you can totally take a look at these outfit ideas and recreate one by using what you have! Simply, take innovations from here! 

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In this post, I will used the well-known and popular Crop Top! 
It is a must have for every teenage girl, and I bet you have one hanging in your closet, too.
Here is how I would wear them:

Printed pattern crop top
I will wear a midi skirt since I think a midi skirt itself looks formal and feels 90's. But, I love this because you're not exposing too much of your skin and the coral orange-y color just put people's eyes on you. I choose a nude platform because you have already a lot of color going on and you want the attentions to remain on your outfit and not your shoes!

Denim crop top
Denim is always in trend, if you ask me. It is a classic. Before we were born, denim is already a big thing in fashion. This black scuba skirt that I preferred, is flattening at the upper part and gradually flares out at the end of the skirt. This will gives the illusion of skinnier legs and this skirt can be pair with multiple clothes! Because this look is a little bit too boring for me, so I decided to add a fun and metallic silver chunky cut out boots. You can always add some jewelry and accessories to spice out this look! A gold body chain are going to make this look more complete.

Off the shoulder crop top.
I went with a black one seeing that the color scheme will be suitable for fall and winter as well. We know it is summer already, therefore to make this outfit summer ready, a lemon print skort is well needed! Skort is shorts that looks like a skirt! I think it is extra comfortable to wear a skort instead of a skirt and also give you that feminine looks from the skirt's characteristic. Are you going to beach this summer? If you do, what shoes do you wear to the beach? Heels? Come on, girl! Let's face the truth, heels is great but isn't a sandal is much more suitable? Wanna to look stylish even when you're at the beach? This patent geek shoes is here for you! Firstly, it is a flat, so you can walk smoothly at the beach side. Secondly, isn't it cute? I personally love this shoes as it is cute and chic-looking.

Simple crop top
Well, everyone have this! Choose a distressed shorts to make it more real. I love the worn out shorts and the acid wash shorts too. Mother's jeans is back in style and honestly, mother's jeans are more loose-fitting and easy to wear compared to a skinny jeans. Another style? Throw on an overalls over this crop top! And I picked the black Razor Sole Shoes to keep this outfit simple and casual. You can wear this if you're out with your friends or to a shopping spree!

You can get everything from the TOPSHOP.

Check out Outfit 1(ASOS style) here, Outfit 2(dailylook style) here.

Do you enjoy it? I am doing a FOREVER 21 style for the next outfit! Please leave a comment and have a nice day!

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