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Skincare and Face cleanser review (teenager)

So, as a teenager, I do suffer a lot in picking up the right one for my skin.
We actually don't know what exactly is our face type. Is it oily? dry? or combination?
We need some times to figure it out though but it is all worth it, choosing the right one.

For teenager, we shouldn't use a bunch of products since our skins are still young. We should only clean and moisturizes our skin and that's all we need to do.

I have very sensitive skin. When I try to put on something like a moisturizer, it will show redness and cause irritation. I wanted something that is suitable for my ages and my skin. I wanted something that is affordable and efficient. Here are some products that I tried out:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

First of all, it is a very popular product that a lot of YouTuber ranging about. I decided to give it a try since it is highly recommended. The first thing that I noticed is this cleanser does not form foam which is kind of weird for me. You will feel like putting a layer of transparent liquid on your face and you might be wonder does this thing really work? For me, it does not irritates my sensitive skin which is awesome but also it really does nothing do your face. I feel that this product of course does clean my skin but not really what I expected it could be. I love this product because it is gentle and suitable for all skin type which mean it is suitable for everyone. I could bring this to a trip and share them with my friends if they forgot their face cleanser. I hate because I usually enjoy the foam on my face when I cleaning it but it does not give me that enjoyment. But I do read an article before that claimed that foam is bad for your skin as it drys up your skin. Maybe that's why this product have zero foam. It is kinda pricey, so it might be a good investment if you're not sure of your skin type and wanna a clean skin.

Hadalabo Tamagohada Facial Cleanser

This is the first cleanser I tried for this brand and I like it. It is a drugstore product so it is much more easier to find. And it foams a lot and make me really excited to clean my face. I felt my skin is totally clean after using this product. It is gentle to my sensitive skin, too. But you can feel your face is too clean and it felt like 'overclean'. And I hate that kind of feeling that my face is too clean and maybe need some moisturizer to hydrate my skin. Overall it has AHA and BHA which are good to reduce wrinkles and exfoliate your skin. It is affordable and really does it jobs to clean your skin but I am not that recommend to dry skin type because it can be a little too dry in my opinion. I will no repurchase this product because I know I will have better choice.

OXY Acne Face Wash

OMG! This is my favorite out of all skin cleanser. If I have any breaking out on my face, this works wonder. This would be my top recommendations and really suitable for acne skin or if you just wanted to prevent acne on your skin. This product makes my skin safe from pimples for years and I still loving it. It is cheap and good for your skin as well. It really do prevent pimples! Of course, it can be considered a strong face wash as some of my friends do felt it is too strong for her face but it does not affect my sensitive skin. The reason I stopped using this product is because I need to try the other stuff on the market but I not yet find a facial cleanser that can replace this product because it is merely amazing and works! I will said that it can be harsh on skin but I will give this ten out of ten. But it does not moisturizes your face nor dry out your face.

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Foam Cleanser

photo from sasa.com

I am currently using this Gowoonsesang brand. It is surprisingly good! It is kinda expensive compared to some other drugstore product but I think it is worth it. It has the hydrophilic and lipophilic moisturization ingredients which works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look(that's what I copy from the text at the box). I like this products because it foams easily. Secondly, it comes with a pump which makes it easier to get the product out. Third, it does make my face looks clearer and even brighter. I always admire my skin in front of the mirror after using this. Your skin will be soft after using this by itself and it is hydrating which is a plus for me. It does not irritates my skin as well. I noticed it does not cause blackhead too. I will said it cleanse and hydrates your skin well. Nine point five out of ten. I deduce point five because it is kinda pricy and not really available in all drugstore.

Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Face Wash

Let's just said that 'simple' brand is a well-known brand but I don't really tried their products. 
But I do manage to get a packet of sample sized which contains this product.
It says kind to skin that really makes me excited to try this and it doesn't let me down.
I know that it's toner is kinda their best selling product but I am also excited to try their face wash.
This product smells good! And it is suitable for sensitive skin. But I would say it does nothing on your face because it just cleans your face and that is all. It can be nice if you want something which is affordable and clean your skin. It is just something that is pretty normal. It does not impress me like the others functional facial cleanser does. But in my opinion, it is suitable for teenage who have normal skin and wanted a clean face. Plus, it has vitamins and some skin loving ingredients. I will not repurchase it but overall it is a good cleanser.

Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

When I brought this product, it comes with a toner and moisturizer. It is my first facial cleanser for my teenage years and I hated it. I tried a lot of Clean and Clear products before and I hated all the facial cleanser to be completely honest. I tried the facial cleanser which is specialized for the acne skin but arhhh.... It does not work! They make my skin oily and when I say oily, it is really oily. It felt good after you just wash your face but it felt like your face just when in a oil bath after you do some sports. They(the anti-acne cleanser and foaming facial cleanser) make my skin break out even more and it's my worst nightmare. Although it can be bad, but I have heard a lot of good things about them from other people. It can be that my skin type that makes me hate this product.

DISCLAIMER: This is only my own opinion about all the products above and the photos are taken from google.com.
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