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What to do in holiday (summer at home)


What cha do in holiday? Vacation? Beach? Or nothing?

For me, I am always thinking about what to do. What should I do? Most importantly, what can I do?

Although, going out might be fun but sometimes you might just have no choice and need to stay at home. Or you're too lazy to get up and go out. I did feel the same way sometimes, feels that it is a lot easier to snug in my bedroom and don't want to judge by anyone.
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Things I do that is fun for me during holiday at home!

1. Social Media

You guess it! I go to YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook. I am such a huge fans for youtube and I honestly think I can watch hundreds of videos everyday! Tumblr is just like a mini blog and it is widely used now and I just scroll through the thing like what I do in Facebook! I love seeing those beautiful images from the pinterest's users. They're so creative and informative!

2. Books

I know it sounds nerdy yet it is the best thing you can do! I am not asking you to read your textbook but still if you want to read them, go ahead! I usually read young adult novels. For instance, Divergent and The Fault in Ours Star. Somehow, I don't really like fantasy novels because I find them difficult to imagine, so I rather watch the movies. I know there're loads of people love fantasy novel but not me. Sometimes, I love reading something that I am interested in like cute romantic stories or really just some chic lit type of books. For books that more intense, I love reading those self-help or so called self enrichment books. I know it's weird and people always asked me why I am reading it. I think they have things that I could learn to improve myself. The main thing is that I wanted to be successful (yes, successful!). Books like 'How to be happy', 'How to improve your memory' and stuff like that really catches my eyes. If you have any book suggestions, tell me at the comment section below! I have been in a book hunt recently!

3. Photography

Yeah, kinda random but I love to take photos of the clouds and anything that I love. Photo is a good way to capture and freeze a moment that can be last forever. You might not be a professional photographer, however it do not take a professional to take pictures! Just take some photos and share it with your family or friends if you want. Keep them in your album if you're shy to show them. If you like me, love to look at your childhood pictures, then you'll probably want to see your teenage pictures when you're an adult. Don't just take selfie. Imagine that you can only see your face of you as a child because your parent helped you to take selfie when you're young. What will you think? Horrible, right? You might just get bored by your own face.

4. Try to cook

It's a hidden talent in everyone! We're suppose to cook for ourselves when we're an adult. It's a responsibilities to cook for your kids. You can either asked your mum to teach you or learn from some cook show! It's easy! Ingredients+how to cook=delicious dishes. But wait, of course you need to practice and try to cook! It is always the hardest at the beginning! Don't give up!

5. Update your journal

Not everyone has the habit to write everyday! I bet you didn't! Journal for me is like a documentary of your life and I always enjoy reading my old diaries. The way I think when I was in elementary school always make me laugh like a fool. Buy a book that you like so you will be excited to write everyday! I love to write on a book instead on a laptop since when you're writing, you can see your limited edition, one and only handwriting! You can doodle easily and paste pictures in it. I had tried to write daily but I failed. I forget them and I usually update them once in a month. Yeah, only twelve pages every year! That's why writing journal in summer is essentials for me!

6. Clean your room!

How long since the last time you clean your room? Yesterday? Last week? or last month? Don't get lazy with your room. You sleep there, play there, dance there and do a lot of things there! How can you leave them with a mess everyday? Lack of inspiration to clean your room? It is not always easy to get up and and clean. But trust me, you will be so proud and thankful to yourself after cleaning them! And don't forget your closet, too.

7. TV marathon

I love watching telly although it is slightly unhealthy for us. But who don't like a good tv shows? Or movies?
What I always do is stop watching after 2-3 hours of the shows since your eyeballs need some rest! Rest for an hour or two. Then, I will continue my marathon. Remember to stop for awhile. Of course, holiday isn't fun with only tv shows. This is just a reward from me to myself after studying for a whole semester.

8. Make some new friends!

Hello? How to make friends when you're at home? Easy! You can find friends on  internet but be careful when you're making one. Go to a site where it is safe and has good reviews. Be nice and friendly, then you will make new friends in no time! Click here for more information.

9. Learn something new

For example, learn how to play a guitar or take a courses from a website. Khan academy is good if you want to learn something.

For summer outfit ideas, check out asos style, dailylook style, topshop style and forever21 style.
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