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What to buy for a friend + gift ideas for teen

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You see graduation for the senior in the class of 2014 is coming! I am graduating this year, too!
Are you planning to buy something for the graduates? 
Or your friends or your siblings are going to have their birthday soon? 
What to buy for them as their present? Will they like what I bought for them? 

First of all, buy things that they will used. Don't buy food. Food can be finished easily and do you really want to get food as a gift? I mean yes, sometimes I love accepting food but I love present that brings out memories to me. You could keep the food wrapper as the memories if you want (duh~). Don't buy a graduation type bear. I had seen many of the bears had been sitting at the corner of the rooms to collect dust. The graduation-type-bear is very seasonal and you might only just take pictures of it during graduation.

I always am the one who like reading hand wrote letter or card. It gives me the feeling of warmth and makes me feel important. Someone used their time to write something just for me. Something that they think about me and memories we share. Aren't this the best ideas? You don't really need money for this present and everyone likes it! It's simple, fast and different! I normally draw or doodle something I thought about that person and BAM! They love it! I try to make it fun by making some jokes of it. Usually, I'll write some advice and even something like 10 things I like about you. Why not? You maybe won't see he/she anymore if he/she is graduating! Write a page full to show that you really care about them(that's okay if you can't write so many, don't force yourself!). This idea can be great if some of your friends don't want you to give them a gift. They can always take it out and read what happened in high school.

Buy things that they love. But the thing is what he/she loves? People always talk about what they love, so listen to them and you will get the answer! Believe me, this work! If you're dealing with the shy one, try observing what they often do. Teenager loves following the trend. I am not saying every teen did that. However, we tend to follow what is big and cool for us. For example, instax mini! Get them now at amazon here. Want a cheaper option? If you're friend is addicted to take photos, then buy a fisheye lens for their phone. It's a lot funner to take photo using this and your friend will totally thank you for this! Get them at $3.79 now at amazon! As a teen, I love high-tech stuff. Everything high technology make me feel cool and fancy. I know it's weird but who cares?

Wait, do you think the above suggestions are too normal? You need something extra for your bestfriend? Let's just said that we understand our bestfriends and know exactly what you likes or don't. That's the problem! Too much information of  them! We don't know what to choose! If you really can't decide one, then maybe you put all in one! I like to call it a box of surprises! You can prepare a box and filled it up with things he/she loved. A book, some snacks, a card you made, a necklace that you have a similar one and a shirt! A little bit of everything! I, myself love something like this! For me, a gift is not enough(I am way too greedy)! I want more! Hey, don't act like you didn't feel the same way! I know I am not the only one who feel like this.

On a budget? Make a gift by using your hands! When you DIY, make sure the product is practical and beautiful. Ain't nobody like ugly things, right? You can buy  t-shirts and transform them into trendy tops. It's easy! Don't know how to do it? They're thousands off ideas for this! I will link some videos from YouTube here. Or just think of it yourself! Go to pinterest to find inspirations! I swear you can find one there! If you're good in drawing, why don't you buy a white top and draw something with a fabric marker? This will be awesome, right? I appreciate handmade stuff because I think they're limited edition for me and special. They used their hearts to prepare this for me! And I am not going to throw them away!

Branded stuff? If you have money, then sure! Who don't like to receive a branded or designer stuff? I mean everyone like the quality of it. It's not like it's a must haves still people love it. As a teenager, we are surrounded with some many thinking. And one of it is that branded stuff is equal to upper class people. But let me clarify this, we're still teenager, we don't really need them! We didn't even learn to earn money yet, so what's the reason to spend so much of money for one thing that we can buy in a lower price range? If you already earn money, then it won't be a problem with you. We must understand, buy what we can afford, don't go in debt because you wanted enjoy the pleasure the brand gives you. Everyone has it doesn't mean that you need one, too. Be wise and think before you use every penny you have.

Things you buy to a teen is really come from your heart. Buy what you think is useful for them. As always, have a nice day!

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