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What to do when you're alone


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The word itself sounds miserable, don't it?
But for me, it seems normal. Maybe you might be the one who sitting alone in the cafeteria, maybe you're home alone, maybe you're just tired of the public and want some space.
For me, I do not enjoyed the time when I am 'alone' at first. Yeah, 'at first'. I hate the feeling that seeing someone got so busy, like what the hell they're all doing without me. "Am I the only one who felt left out?", I asked myself. "Am I not cool enough for them?" The questions went on and on.

I still remember that on one year when I felt like I had no real friends. I mean like those whose do things with you together. I was abandoned. I was alone. I am not going to lie, it felt hard and terrible. Others that I so called friends were all in their gang already. I know there are kids out there facing the same problems but let me tell ya, you're not alone. Yup, it's easy to say so. I am alone is not because of friends fight or anything negative. I guess I just chose to be alone. I know I might sound stupid with "I chose to be alone thing-y". Still, I am guessing now that my brain just tired of that group thing. You know, when you get to a point where you need to rest? Yup, I was at that point at that moment.

Alone, is not a problem. It's kinda amazing. Okay, I know you maybe thinking I am weird now but obviously that's really how I feel now. When you're alone, you don't need to bother about how others think of you and how they said about you. There will be moments when you're sitting with your friends and you just sitting there because you don't know what to talk. You have no topic with them. You're not misplaced or disconnected with them, it's that people are made to be different. Sometimes, this moment can be really awkward as there are no sounds except your breathing sounds. You try to think a topic to talk with he/her to stay away from that deadly silence and the awkwardness. Do you get what I mean already? Being alone, has benefits too. You don't need to think extra hard and crack your brain to prevent the awkwardness. Plus, you don't need to struggle with your friends and eventually bring out a fight.

"What is that word again?"
"That's what loser does!"

You might think like that but really it's not. Even the popular celebrities will have time when they're alone. It's just that you didn't had the chance to see it. You can practice to be alone. I bet it doesn't sound hard to you. But having the guts to be alone is not simple. People might think you're some socially awkward kids. Hey, don't get me wrong, sometimes I used to think that alone is cool but sometimes I think that person who sit there alone is creepy. You might feel the same way, too. You can really do what you want when you're alone. When nobody is there watching you, when you're free from the world for awhile. You can finally scratch your nose when you're alone since you're too embarrassed to do it at the crowd. I am not here to encourage you to be alone, I am just saying that alone can be totally fine. I am alone and I am alive!

But, what do you do when you're alone?
Or what can you do when you're alone?

Things to do:
1. Reading
I will say, reading. I escape the all social thing by reading a book. No one will want to disturb me when I am reading. When I am tired of talking, I read. Is not like, I hate that person, and when she is talking, I will read. No, it doesn't work that way. Sometimes or many times, reading save me from awkwardness. When you have the sudden silence after a conversation, or someone just leave the conversation after we're finished talking. Or maybe, when I don't want to feel alone. Yup, I read. It's not like easy when you're dealing in the situation where everyone had someone to talk to and you just didn't have one. So, you can read. In other words, you can read a nice book when you want to be alone and don't want to seem like a fool looking at the sky and waiting the time to pass by. Trust me, it doesn't look good.

2. Music
Yeah, reading can be nice, but not everyone love reading. For those people there who don't like reading or just too lazy to read, you can listen to a song. Of course, use a headphone. You don't need to show off your music taste, okay? I know it's good but don't. I love to listen mostly to One Republic's, the Vamp's and the Script's when I am alone. There will be times when you sitting alone waiting for your friends or just some me times. Listening music or perhaps singing along with it can make things more alive. I always pop in my headphones when I sitting in the bus, because I want to do something although I can't really do something in the bus ( I don't want to annoyed the other passengers, you can dance in the bus if you don't mind).

3. Writing or drawing
What other things, I like to do when I am alone are writing and drawing. I know writing and drawing are not really for everyone but they work. I mean, I write something in my notebook. I organize them, I put on some notes there and schedule my time( but scheduling my time doesn't work because I always don't do what I planned to do). My favorite thing to do is draw on my planner or notebook. Drawing makes me feel happy. Not everyone has the talent to draw however it doesn't take a talent to draw. I don't draw a great masterpiece but I like my drawing. It's like I am documenting my life with pictures.

You can do whole lot of things when you're alone, comment down below if you have better ideas to share with me. Daydreaming? Don't ever do that because you might just looked space out and like a total freak sitting there. Imagining stuff? Yeah, I get that idea where you want to be creative but don't look at someone while you're in your imagination world. You might looked creepy and weird when you're staring someone and you don't know you're actually staring them. I know I am not alone. So, don't you feel alone. Alone is just something that everyone deals with it. It's just that some people is better at hiding them. Hiding their loneliness. I hope, I help you guys up! I know I didn't write a lot but here you go! Have a nice day! And thanks for reading!

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