Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's talk about brave (teen) + How I be brave

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I had been away from blogging for a few days because I got sick(sad face). But, I didn't recover yet.

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There are some kids in school that were labelled 'fearless'. They often seems so brave to do everything. Like everything that we won't dare to do. If you're thinking, "that's me!". Well, then congratulations that you don't have the need to know how to be brave because you already learnt that. I believe nobody in this world is born with bravery right in them. In other way, I don't believe in the myth that said that bravery is born. I know brave can be made. Bravery is caused by the surrounding and the people we connect to. 

Now, as a teen, I am shy. But not that kinda shy that don't talk to anyone. I will say I am normal-ish shy. I am normal when I am with my gang but when I am dealing with new people, I will turn into a turtle. I will hide my head right in my shell when I am feeling strange. I won't talk much with the new friends that I made. That's because I feel safe there. Still, I will try to communicate with them. I usually pretend to be brave. When I need to deal  with something, like public speaking, I will pretend that I am fine with it but I am not in the inside.

You see, we dare to sing with a group of friends but not solo. Maybe, you're brave enough to sing alone in front of the whole school however I am not. I am like all of you. I only dare to sing when I am with a group of friends. Perhaps, I think the fear has been share by my friends when we're singing together. I mean, come on, we're human, it's normal to feel that way.

So, how do you be brave? I can't say that I had experience thousands of challenges since I am still young. Still, what I will say is being brave isn't doing things that are dangerous and harmful. Being brave is you to do what you want without thinking what the others might comment and judge you. Remember this in your mind:

"When you're young, you're crazy NOT to be taking risks and attempting new opportunities. Regret for not trying is much worse than failure. You increase your chances to success when you increase the number of times you try to be successful." -Joel Kent Holland III
I mean the key for me to be brave is that time flies. If you do something stupid, not everyone will remember it. They will just forget. You probably be the only one who remember the stupid things you did in the past. Plus, if you don't do it now, you might also do it later. It's the matter of time. Now that you're young and you have time, so why don't you(we) do everything we want? I don't mean to ask you to do bad and negative things here, okay? Do something that you wanted to try for the longest time. For example, you wanted to cut your long hair off, but everyone said that you look better with long hair, so you didn't cut it. That's a waste of time! The truth is, if you cut now, you will have times to let it grows back. It had been a difficulty to grow back your hair, never. If the short hairstyle is not suitable with you, then it's okay. I promise noone will remember how you look like after a few months. Time will do it for you.

Try things that you want. I need to admit that I am not the bravest girl but to be completely honest, at least I try my best to be brave. I try my best to walk out of my comfort zone although maybe it was merely a few steps. I am proud to say I tried. Do you try anything new today?

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